Posted by: Frank | 05/18/2013

The world we live in!


OK friends and fans, we are in a mess and need to find our way out of it.

For those of you that don’t follow the news, our congress (The Senate at the moment) has passed a new ‘internet’ tax. Meaning that we will no longer be able to buy things on the internet WITHOUT paying sales tax to the state!

My feeling is that if you are NOT living in a State that you order something from, what gives THAT STATE OR OUR GOVERNMENT – the RIGHT to tax you (me or anyone) for the goods or services provided! I actually think SALES tax should be against the law in the first place – we are giving money to people that DID NOT EARN IT!  It gets so damned old!

While there are conditions where small business will not be FORCED to add sales tax, we need to wonder how long it will be before we are hit with yet MORE taxes. Our government is doing it’s best to tax us to death and it sux!

I got a letter from our new Senator, Mazie Hirono, (remember the one with NOTHING to her credit that YOU elected!) telling me the great things about this new bill and how it would be so great for our economy here in Hawaii. Of course she forgets that WE are being taxed to death thanks to the Democrats and the G.E. Tax they have imposed on us so we can’t fart without paying over 4% tax! She also CONVENIENTLY forgets that WE are on an ISLAND and do not have access to the variety of stores that mainlanders have.

There are so many things we can’t get on our islands that out only choice is to search for things at the online stores and hope they will ship them to us. The ONE break we get is buying off the internet and even then we often get stuck with high shipping costs because nobody seems to like to send to Hawaii so Mazie and her buddies want to top it off and make us pay taxes on items we can’t find here. We do NOT have very bright people supporting us in Congress!

Would like more info regarding taxing the Internet – Illinois – the first batch of idiots:

How many of you DON’T shop on the internet? Since all of OUR (Hawaiian) Representatives in Congress ARE DEMOCRATS – they support this tax. If you DON’T – it would be a good time to let them know that they might be out of a job if they vote for it… If you don’t care – ignore it… As many people do….

Small business’s, especially in Hawaii, are watching this legislation with unabashed interest. They feel that we who choose (or must) to use the internet to avoid sales tax will turn back to them and their business will increase. Well, I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but MY main reason for shopping online is NOT to avoid paying Sales Tax (even though that is often a plus), but out of necessity – to find items at a reasonable price that I can’t find on our islands.

Don’t get me wrong, many Republicans support this new bill also, for the same reasons – more revenue for their State,  moneys they will likely waste just as our Federal Government is doing every day of the year!

As a side note, How many of you have heard many of the Left Wing 1% tell us that they ‘don’t pay enough taxes’?  How about if these 1% take some of the ‘taxes’ (aka money saved) they feel they didn’t pay and start a new program – funded by them – to take care of the homeless & hungry people in our country, even help them with health care and training for jobs? Since Obama only paid 18% this year he could contribute generously to the program himself!

This post only covered one tiny thing that bugs me about our Democrat controlled state and the clueless people that claim to ‘represent’ us. I’ve got news for you, they don’t represent me, I agree with very little of what they do or stand for. Taxing the ‘rich’ to give to the ‘poor’ is a joke! Train the poor, help them get better jobs so we don’t have to ‘give’ them anything, they can earn it for themselves!

If you don’t feel you pay enough taxes, feel free to drop me a note and I will tell you where you can sent the money you don’t want. I promise I will share it with those in need!


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