Posted by: Frank | 05/23/2013

Need More Democrats in Hawaii – Years BEST Joke!

Wow! I didn’t know that WHT (our local paper West Hawaii Today) was capable of such humor! On the FRONT page yet!

As I read the article “Big Island Dems” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or barf! We read that, “An inspired Abercrombie” attended the gathering, it really choked me up as I wondered WHAT he was inspired about!

The comment by Mr. Tarnas, “my goal is to grow the party” almost had me snorting my coffee and falling off my chair! As I continued to read, I wondered where these people come from? Perhaps off planet or somewhere that actually BELIEVES that we NEED MORE DEMOCRATS on the beautiful Islands that make up Hawaii!

As my friends know, In my past, I have been a tourist drawn to the Isle of Hawaii for 23 years. I have been an active resident for almost nine (9) years. I moved here from California, another State that has been run into the ground via massive debt and the power of her unions.  Each time I visited the islands (before moving here) I was well aware that the Unions here also had a death grip on the democrats in control of our State.

Anyone living here that isn’t blind and deaf can see what our Democrat legislators have done to the people they are supposed to SERVE! The power of the unions is legendary and destructive to our communities and economy.  I have sat and contemplated – many times -on how great this State COULD be if we could just shake 60 years of union/Democrat corruption and start fresh! The majority of our population is made up of Democrats, many spanning generations where the old school of thought was that the ‘patriarch’ of the family told everyone who they would vote for and when.

Because of the power of the family leaders we keep electing virtually useless people, many still in office, as our representatives both State and Federal and then sit back and wonder why we are stuck in the RUT we are in. On the RARE occasion we get someone of value in, other than a Democrat, they are limited to how long we have their help and since there are so many Democrats still in strong positions, any effort to make positive changes is shot down by those same Dems!

Often we actually get one or two Dems that ARE good people when they first get into office if they stay in government to long, the years turn them into what they CLAIM they dislike.

If you’ve lived in Hawaii for any length of time you know I don’t have to mention any names though I am tempted to point out that being someone that “serves” our State by bringing in millions of TAXPAYER dollars (pretending to play ‘Robin Hood’ is not being honest) doesn’t mean they are best for our future nor did they do us a great favor!
Now that we have a “clean slate” and are in a position where we can virtually ‘start over’ what are we doing? If you were around for the last election, you would have noticed that instead of electing qualified individuals we are electing people to our Federal posts that have NOT performed (Obama is a GRAND example on that one)! The citizens of Hawaii are electing these people to important offices  JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A DEMOCRAT is NOT the brightest thing our voters have accomplished of late..

1 obama-marijuana

It’s bad enough that we keep filling our State posts with Democrats with no imagination, very little integrity or motivation other than just the desire to raise taxes and get voted back into office again and again. Look what kind of governor we elect, what are people thinking?!


We are in a sad state of affairs, our people need to wake up!


  1. FrankD, thank you for the very well written article.

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