Posted by: Frank | 06/26/2013

It’s Just A Way of life in Hawaii


I have a question for you, a VERY simple question:

How many of you actually watch any TV news or read the Newspaper on a daily or even Weekly basis? If you do WATCH or READ something that disturbs you, what do you do about it? Well, I for one have a serious problem – when I observe something that I don’t like or think is wrong, I have to open my mouth and voice my opinion to SOMEONE!

Doing so in Hawaii can be painful, many people here do NOT want to know the truth or listen to FACTS! Regardless – here I go again….

Almost daily we see articles in the paper or on the news talking about our Keiki or Pot, Schools, Taxes, Poverty, Unemployment, Unions, Welfare and Medical problems or any number of other problems that plague our beautiful Islands. Often times we as a people just ignore what we see or hear even when it bothers us and just accept it as “the way things are in Paradise”.

From our fearless entrenched leaders (yes, mostly Union bought Democrats) we hear all kinds of excuses for these issues but their solution is almost always – “we need more money to fix this or that!”

If you ACTUALLY pay attention to what’s happening around us, it seems MUCH more obvious that ‘money’ isn’t the main issue – never has been! As much as the people here refuse to acknowledge it, the ‘PROBLEM’ is – business as usual!

For once I am NOT talking about the corruption in our State, just the fact that the same people are elected time and again, all with the same useless idea that the all mighty dollar will fix the problems.

We recently heard that New laws have been passed that will effect POT growers and users! Hawaii has over 11,000 ‘legal’ POT users and who knows how many illegal! We, as the public, have no knowledge of ‘legal’ growers, but ask your neighbor and he will likely inform you that he knows the illegal ones are doing a better business. 

We have a population of 1,360,301 (according to the last census) and almost 1% “NEED” POT to get through their day and they  do it legally! I admit I am a bit naïve when it comes to drugs in general but if we in Hawaii are a statistic or an example in overall American way of life, does this translate to over 30 Million legal users in our country?

Another noteworthy piece of news was the 17% of Hawaiian children living at or below poverty level. I’m betting it’s higher. Let’s couple this with a report from KHON2 news reporting that we have almost $50 million in welfare fraud happening is just icing on a very big cake!

If you take a moment to read this you will see that we have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS owed to the State – ie: TAXPAYERS – that may never be recovered because of the antiquated laws that are SUPPOSED to protect us – the TAXPAYER!

We know that we have neighbors that are getting ‘child care’ monies for watching children that they never see. They get EBT cards and use them to pay for items that are prohibited BY LAW, via ‘family’ cashiers that are working in the stores and turn a blind eye to the fact that the cards are being misused.  The very EMPLOYEES that are trying to ‘service’ the poor are stealing FROM the system!

We have thousands of people getting TAXPAYER monies for sitting around doing nothing OR lying about what they are doing. These people could be WORKING for their money if our lawmakers had the balls to do something about it instead of just handing out the checks to secure votes for the next elections!

Time and again we keep reading and hearing about our problems but NOBODY points out the major problem is YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS!

They have failed you for over 50 years!

The REAL question is – HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU GOING TO LET THEM DO IT? Another 50, 75 or 100 years?


  1. Some people use drugs because to escape reality or because they are bored. Some drug users already have problems, but use drugs to escape their problems. Drugs don’t improve a persons life it only makes even more problems. Most drug users don’t stop using drugs unless they end up in jail or decide themselves that it is time to stop doing drugs.

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