Posted by: Frank | 06/26/2013

Obama Scandals the LINKS that STINK?!

The Obama gang want us to believe that The President had his finger on the pulse of the Bin Laden raid but ‘knew nothing’ about Benghazi or the AP scandal or Fast & Furious or the IRS scandal. They are saying he is NOT involved in things that effect our nation!


So with that in mind, during the 9/11 attack – the Dems/Liberals jump on President Bush because, when notified, he stayed with the children for a few minutes instead of jumping up, calling in his Secret Service and scaring the kids and others half to death.

The Obama supporters conveniently ignore the fact that Obama was “missing” for about SEVEN (7) hours during the attack in Benghazi that killed 4 Americans. As yet there has been NO ANSWER to his whereabouts and the next day he flew off to Vegas for a fund raiser – all the time pushing the idea that the attack and MURDERS were because of a stupid video.

We now know that Obama is making Ms Rice his Security advisor – this is a payoff plane and simple. It also puts her under the protection of “executive privilege” so she can no longer be questioned about her part in the Benghazi scandal.

If Obama was a REPUBLICAN, with all these scandals facing him, IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS would have been started by now.

We have ALL seen the Liberals/Democrats scream ANY TIME a Republican is involved in anything that remotely effects the Democrat agenda.

Think about it!

We KNOW there will be no paper trail, no recordings, ‘third party witness’ or digital images tying Obama to any of the scandals! The man my be clueless but he is NOT stupid.

The way to Obama is for someone that has first hand knowledge of Obama being briefed or giving an order come forward. As these scandals unfold and the Obama gang start throwing people under the bus, we can only hope that one or more will NOT fall on their swords and actually implicate Obama. Once the first person turns against him, others will follow.

Let us hope it won’t be too late for our COUNTRY and our FREEDOM!!


  1. Washington DC appears to have reached peak hysteria this week. The confluence of not one, not two, but three potential scandals involving the White House has given practically every Beltway scribe a case of the vapors as they don their Woodward/Bernstein capes and doggedly uncover the truth behind the Obama Administration ‘s lies.

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