Posted by: Frank | 07/05/2013

Pot, Weed, Cannabis – Whatever you call it!

Before the advocates for making this ILLEGAL substance a LEGAL substance win (and they likely will) we need some SERIOUS new laws on the books that will assure that when someone causes harm or death to anyone, they will spend the rest of their drugged up live in prison!

We keep hearing that people want Pot legalized. We already have over 11,000 legal ‘potheads’ in our State and it’s anyone’s guess how many use it illegally.


What I want to know – and I doubt I am the only one – is what are the legislators that are pushing legalization doing to PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS?

What are they doing to keep people under the influence of POT from driving, operating heavy equipment, flying airplanes, driving busses, not carrying a gun, not being in jobs or critical positions that could lead to adverse effects on an innocent population.

1 obama-marijuana

Somehow I think in the eagerness to get millions more America on Pot, they are forgetting that there MILLIONS of us that AREN’T INTERESTED but want to be sure we are safe from this wave of hypocrisy!


We saw in the news today that the big Pot Party in Colorado drew some of the most ignorant people in these United States and at least one gathering in Denver had ‘shots fired’ and several people injured including a child. This is what we can look forward to?


Is this another part of the attempt to make America a Socialist country that chooses to ignore the fact that what they are looking for is not the best thing for the majority of Americas population!


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