Posted by: Frank | 07/13/2013

Sequestration – Obama’s SICK Joke!

More LIES and Misinformation from our CLUELESS President!


For several MONTHS Obama flew around America trying to scare the public into believing that “Sequestration” was going to bring down America. Even though HE was instrumental in bringing it about, he was trying to convince us that the Republicans were the bad guys and that when everything failed, they should be blamed.

Well, here we are, MONTHS later and we are seeing that ONCE AGAIN OBAMA WAS LYING TO GET HIS WAY!

Our STILL inexperienced ‘leader’ is continuing to misdirect our country and doing his best to alienate Middle East countries as he tries to force his beliefs on them.

Since WE, as the public, have no knowledge of who his advisors REALLY are or who he REALLY takes advice from – I propose that he is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the misinformation he is always spewing!!

This being true, he should be held responsible and the cost and undue pain and mental suffering he caused AMERICANS that were foolish enough to continually believe his garbage.

SO we, the TAXPAYERS of America have the right to SUE this clown and RECOUP the millions of dollars he wasted on his little trips and use this money to compensate those that he has hurt with his scare tactics. We could also reopen the White House for tours.

Obama is NOT a leader – he is a carnival side show Flim Flam Man, an ACTOR! NOT a good one, like one of our past presidents, sadly a VERY bad yet convincing one. The years we have suffered under his “RULE” have been painful for all of us. HE needs to be held accountable for what he’s done and using his MILLIONS of dollars gained via his position would be a GREAT start to accomplish this!

More thoughts on this to follow…


  1. Well, I guess the Republicans called his bluff. He is getting his way. So why the heck is he trying to scare everyone. The GOP compromised with taxes. Shoot, he got his ever-loving tax the wealthy plan. However, this lame-duck isn’t going to compromise so now he is telling the American people we are going into sequestration because the Republicans won’t lick his boots. By the way, the cuts amount to about 2% of the government budget. Yeah, he is trying to scare the American people with a 2% budget cut (which, remember, was his idea in the first place). If Armageddon is going to happen over 2% then we should really be wigging out over the 2% tax raise he levied upon us. Check out the graph below from the Congressional Budget Office.

    • Obama is and has always been about blame!
      Nothing the has done works..
      From the beginning, he wanted to be president, the glory, the fame, the prestige.
      The PROBLEM is that he wanted all that but he didn’t want to do the work, he had/has NO idea
      on HOW to be a president.. he continues to be clueless…

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