Posted by: Frank | 07/18/2013

Obama – Can He Be Impeached?!

Before you start reading this, think about taking a moment to follow the links I supply. I am not advocating ANYTHING, just stating the obvious and FACTS! Feel free to disagree, just have an open mind.


Would ANY of you kind folks like to tell us all why OBAMA WILL NEVER BE IMPEACHED?!?  Even though the COURTS are telling us he is IGNORING THE CONSTITUTION:

Come on, speak up, give me your HONEST answer! It is REALLY quite obvious if you give it just a minutes thought!


Have you had enough time to figure it out yet? Do you need a clue? Ok, I will give you a SMALL clue:

It has to do with the color of his skin!

YUP! That’s it in a nutshell (pardon the pun) he will never get impeached because he LOOKS to be BLACK!!

Understand now – it’s NOT because HE IS Black, it’s because HE LOOKS Black!

We’ve known since he started his run for President that he ISN’T BLACK yet the left pushed the IDEA that this would be a great thing, having our FIRST BLACK President:’s_heritage_as_follows_50_Caucasian_43.75_Arabic_and_6.25_African_Negro

If you take a moment to read the above article you will find that Likely he was exhibiting the signs of a liar and a fraud even during his college years.

We know he lied in his books, proof was given and ignored, something the left finds easy to do. Feel free to check the following link then if you don’t like FOX, do your own search, there is plenty of proof that WASN’T printed via FOX!

I could go on but FACTS are FACTS. Without getting into the latest Scandals – which he more than likely is a VERY PROMINANT PART OF, he should never have been elected! If you don’t like the idea of impeaching our ‘first black’ President then think of impeaching him BECAUSE HE IS A FAILURE – AND A PATHALOGICAL LIAR that chooses to ignore the Constitution or just make his own interpretation of what it says.

Start paying attention my friends!

Help rebuild America!


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