Posted by: Frank | 07/22/2013

A Letter to the Vice President


Mr Vice President,
Over the past years since you’ve been in office you have given us many opportunities to smile. Many people make fun of you but I do my best NOT to since I firmly believe that many of your ‘blunders’ are intentional and it is your way of making your office/position seem human.

Of late, since all the scandals reaching directly towards the White House, you have been rather quiet. I sincerely hope it’s NOT because you were a part of them.

Recently I saw a comment ‘you made’ regarding a run for President. While I didn’t vote for you while running with Obama, likely would not vote for you if you ran on your own, I actually think you could have done a better job than the inexperienced, clueless person we currently have in office. Since Hillary was a no win situation, you likely would be better than her also.

That said, If proof is eventually found that Obama, was in fact, a real player in all these scandals, impeachment would land you in the coveted office and likely (if you help clean up his mess) in 2016 your own term.

The public and YOU know he is a seasoned liar, many things past and present point to it. a majority believe he is deeply involved in all that is wrong with our government.

We need to get past this failed experiment and move on, begin the healing – taking care of the wounds he has opened and that are festering.

Obama is a racist, plain and simple. He works hard to divide our country and push his warped ideas down the throats of Americans.

Think about it, do your really want Hillary to be our next president? She constitutes everything bad in a politician. If you haven’t done it already, check her past, learn the facts regarding her rise to power so far. She cares only about herself, NOT America, as shown by her reaction to the Benghazi attack. Her continuous lies have helped divide America even more.


YOUR duty as a REAL American is to serve the people that elected you. You should be concerned with protecting us from people like Obama and the gang he has supporting him. Just because you are both Democrats it doesn’t mean you can give up your responsibility to the people you serve.

Think about it, do what is right for yourself and your country.



  1. Barack Obama as sworn in as president on January 20th, 2009. He took office in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, at a time when our economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month. He acted immediately to get our economy back on track. Today, the private sector has added back more than 5 million jobs. There’s more work to do, but we’re on the right track .

    • “Smart” you just might want to check your facts. We are NOT on track my any exaggeration of liberal facts! We have added THOUSANDS of PART TIME jobs due to the idiotic passing of OBAMACARE! Companies are NOT hiring full time workers! Obama and his gang of thugs do NOT know what they are doing, they are a band of thieves, crooks, liars and clueless self-serving politicians that are a waste of taxpayer dollars! Break out of your left wing bubble and wake up to the destruction Obama and the RACE BAITING Democrats are doing to our country….

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