Posted by: Frank | 07/30/2013

Class Action Suit against Obama


Think about this, in the last six years Obama has told more lies than any president we have ever had in this coveted office. Beginning with his PRE political history:

Starting when he was first campaigning:

Lots more I could post here but much of it I’ve said before and my readers would get bored way before we made it through the list. The real question is – How many more do we need to hear before we decided enough is enough?!

As a small reminder, look at where we are with Obamacare. It’s NOT a walk in the park that is providing us with a health safety net that he and his buddies Pelosi & Reid promised – WITHOUT READING THE DAMN BILL!


Just think about his last BIG costly lie – when he spent millions of dollars flying around the country trying to convince that ‘the sky was falling’ because of the upcoming Sequester that he approved yet wanted  to blame on the republicans. How much taxpayer money is Obama allowed to spend in his attempt to make himself feel like a big man?

Democrats in congress want to raise taxes to pay for their follies, perhaps they should be the FIRST to have their taxes raised so we can see how they feel – before the rest of us get stuck!


Since our President has NO Fiscal responsibility and chooses to spread his ideas by traveling on a high cost airplane with security force that is beyond belief, WHY can’t he share in the expense? After all he has become a multi millionaire since taking office, he SHOULD pay up or quite wasting our money!

We see him at his ‘town hall’ meetings with a bunch of left wing bobble heads (check background images) doing their best to not let anyone that has a difference of opinion join the crowds.


His BEST defense or excuse when something goes wrong is to blame someone else. We saw that his first four years when it was convenient to blame Bush. Now it is tougher but he still does his best to avoid TRUTH! With all the scandals – real honest to goodness scandals that everyone BUT the left wants answers to he is now telling us they are Phony and laughing them off. Is he just plane stupid or a simple Idiot?

We know he is fantastic at Flim Flam, always has been. WHEN will he learn something about actually being a worth while President..  Not likely to happen….

What we need is a first class lawyer & accountant to come up with some round numbers for the money he’s wasted since he’s been in office – THEN SUE HIM TO GET OUR MONEY BACK!


  1. Keep this goijng please, great job!

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