Posted by: Frank | 08/23/2013

Hell in a handbasket!

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When you are FORCED to be politically correct on everything under THREAT of lawsuits, court, arrest, attack and being shunned – you tend to want to avoid confrontation of any kind – starting with an idiot for President down to an exploited child used for financial gain to her own embarrassment.

I think I covered most everything..

Our Country is NOT what our founding fathers created. If we stay under the corrupt fingers of Liberal Democrats that have no respect for what we once were, the chances of our Democracy failing are greater than anytime in our 237 years of History!!

Too much has happened since our current President was put into office. The clueless liberal end of our corrupt political system shoved a CON MAN down our throats and we have been suffering ever since.  Now they want the weak minded lefties to put ANOTHER lying FEMALE crook in office in place of our current clown.  If that happens, the total destruction of the America that most of us have grown up in and love will be gone for good.



  1. Speaking of political correctness, due to political correctness we now have to call ignorant bigots conservatives or social conservatives. The above rant has not one documented fact and refers to “Another lying Female crook”. Frankly, the writer of the above post may like to refer to himself as a conservative, the reality is that his post is can more be described as an ignorant bigoted rant. If you want to do away with political correctness, stop referring to yourself as conservative, or whatever politically correct label you use, and simply refer to your views as those of ignorant bigot and do not be offended when others refer to you as ignorant bigot

    • Talk about a waste of time and energy!! In case your small brain didn’t notice, I wasn’t TRYING to be politically correct.. Where in my post did I say I was a ‘conservative’? AND why would you imply that being one would automatically make a person a ‘bigot’? Seems that you might be talking about yourself and should consider going back into your closet… Your whole ‘rant’ was one of the dumbest remarks ever posted on my Blog. Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? Do you have a notion as to whom I am speaking about? If you actually did, it wouldn’t take much effort for you to ‘Google’ her and find numerous points supporting my statement. Of course someone as clueless as you seem to be, would be happy to ignore any facts and keep playing the ‘bobble head’ like most butt kissing Obama lovers seem to do. Thank you for giving me a laugh, it has been a long day!

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