Posted by: Frank | 08/25/2013

Teach our YOUNG voters how to THINK!!


The WORLD is laughing at us daily! We have little or NO respect when it comes to world affairs and even taking care of our own Country! A prime example of our problems:

Our young people – the ones that will or SHOULD be new voters and the HOPE of the future of our country, do NOT even know the basic difference between the ‘party’ of ideals and the ‘party’ of free stuff! Many of these young voters/potential voters STILL vote they way the “adults” tell them to vote without EVER knowing the issues and OFTEN not knowing who/what they are voting for! You ask yourself, how can this happen in the multi media rich environment of America where EVERYTHING ends up on YouTube, the news or a blog someplace.

The ANSWER is real easy! If it’s NOT entertaining to the YOUNG mind, they ignore it and move on. They still trust and rely on advice (be it good or bad) from senior family members who just MAY have an agenda (often financial) when it comes to get someone elected.

Look at our own recent election in Hawaii where the most UNQUALIFIED and incompetent – “Lazy Mazie Hirono” bet out an extremely QUALIFIED (ex)governor Linda Lingle (by a large margin) for the senate seat recently open. Lingle – BECAUSE of her qualifications, should have been the NATURAL pick for the seat. Instead Hirono running on a platform of kissing Obama’s butt, lies and half truths won the election.

The REAL question is – how could a truly informed public elect such a person??

Another SIMPLE answer:
FIRST – my disclaimer – It is NOT the fault of the children, it’s the fault of THEIR TEACHERS AND FAMILY! Recently I had a chance to talk with a couple of our young local kids (both old enough to vote in the last election) and to my distress found out that they have NO clue what a two party system is about. One of them didn’t know the difference between a Democrats and Republicans!

HOW can a young person today GRADUATE from High School, hope to go to college and NOT know ANYTHING RELEVENT about politics and how our country is run? Not know the importance of their VOTE!

While the Republican policy aims more towards INDIVIDUAL responsibility, WORKING to support your family, advancement, making something for yourself and those that depend on YOU and they believe in individual rights and justice.

Whereas the Democrats are more for community responsibility and community and social justice, leading to welfare, food stamps, dependence on local, State & Federal government to take care of a persons needs.




Obama is trying to tell us things are going good today. The TRUTH (something he fails to understand) is that we are in worse shape than ever and HE wants to start spending again…

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