Posted by: Frank | 08/27/2013

Beating up on Obama is NOT Fun!


Everyone that LOVES Obama likes to think that the rest of us HATE him and get a real kick out of bashing him. I’ve got news for you – I FOR ONE do not get any particular enjoyment out of pointing out the truth about our clueless President. I could post 40+ links that show the corruption in the Obama Administration. Just because he ran for President and got elected under false pretenses doesn’t make him bad as a person. The JOKE is that Obama was elected as the “FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” still resounds across America today.’s_heritage_as_follows_50_Caucasian_43.75_Arabic_and_6.25_African_Negro

For all the Bush years (both of them) the liberal left chose to bash them for everything you can think of, they could do nothing right. I really believe THEY enjoyed doing it. Since they ACTUALLY had nothing against them that they could prove they chose to make up stuff. Neither of the Bush Presidents left the White house with scandals attached to them. Of course the left BLAMES them for various things but none of the accusations hold water when actually looked at. In fact MOST point back to the people on the LEFT – Fannie & Freddie failure largely attributed to Barney Franks being the best example that JUMPS to the front of my brain pan.

In all of my years (yup, there have been plenty) I have never been so UNIMPRESSED with a seated President! I say this when I firmly believe that Carter was an Idiot and Clint was Hillary’s lap dog! How someone holding the office of “Commander and Chief” can be so clueless, out of touch and just plain simple minded is beyond my ability to understand. One of the most telling things about his presidency is that even a LOT of Democrats AND Blacks don’t like him!

What is happening to our country since Obama took over and the Democrats came into power? We have steadily gone downhill, Most jobs created are part time jobs, Obamacare is about to bankrupt the country under the failed guidance of Obama with the blessing of the Democrats. To date, he hasn’t done anything right that is worth mentioning and as far as HE’S concerned, everything WRONG that’s happened during his watch has been the fault of BUSH!


This is the first president in my memory that wasn’t MAN enough to admit he isn’t perfect. If fact, he’s doing his best to try and make people THINK he is perfect. He has more lies, half truth, out and out deception to his credit than any person/President in America’s history.

Even his own party thinks he is NOT creditable…

It’s way to much to hope for that Obama might just up and go home like he PROMISED to do. But there are MANY things that should encourage him to do just that. I know this info is only from a blog but facts are facts….


The MORAL of this post is quite simple. If you don’t have anything good to say about this President, IT’S NOT A SURPRISE!


  1. “The president wants to continue to take the temperature down,” Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary at the time, said on the eve of what came to be called the beer summit.

  2. “Let there be no reason for any American to fail to cherish their citizenship in this, the greatest nation on Earth,” said McCain, who pledged his support and help for the new president.

    • I don’t think McCain nor anyone else expected Obama to be a TOTAL failure. He has proven to be the worst failed experiment our nation has ever experienced. It does not speak well for America that he got elected to a second term. Jimmy Carter (now second worse behind Obama) is laughing it up every day!

  3. Obama can expand the ranks of blacks in government through appointments. He can set a positive example of black manhood, fatherhood and leadership as president. He can put in place policies that benefit Americans overall, and which have inherent benefit to black families — something the administration would argue they have done . But in the end, his administration is temporary. If a legacy of black achievement is to be left behind for the long term, it will have to do be done by voters.

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