Posted by: Frank | 09/05/2013

A “Blameless” President – Wonderful!

When I first posted this we hadn’t really experienced the ‘pain and suffering’ of Obamacare. Now we have and we have Obamas own words – on video – repeated over and over telling MILLIONS of Americans that “they could keep their insurance if they liked it – PERIOD”!

We now know he lied and as early as 2010 KNEW that he was lying to the public yet kept repeating the same thing over and over – pounding it into the simple minds of the American public that WANTED to believe in him!

He has proven that he is an accomplished liar and could care less about Americans!


We are at a Historical first for our Country! Never before have we elected a President that wasn’t man enough to except responsibility for his actions. Even considering the various scandals we’ve been through during our growth there has NEVER been anyone like the current failure we are paying to represent the United States around the world.

Our current President seems to think Americans are IDIOTS! He continues to lie to Americans, treating us as if we were just his play things, not intelligent human beings. It is more than a little sad that WE HIRED this man to lead our country yet he has done anything but lead! The only thing he is good at is NOT making decisions and when he DOES say something, he is eager to put the blame from any negative results onto someone else – A sincere President Bush being his prime target.

His current blame game involves Syria. He made it known to this country that the use of chemical weapons was unacceptable. He was on NATIONAL television spouting his rhetoric:

Today, September 5th, our paper published an opinion by George Wills of the Washington Post that says it better than I have for the past few years. Take a moment to check it out:

When you have digested the above information, think about Syria once more.
When we invaded Iraq, we gave them PLENTY of warning of what was coming. Our spy networks reported dozens of trucks crossing into Syria and Iran in the days leading up to the invasion. How many of you asked – what was in those trucks? How about the national supply of “Twinkies” or treasure Saddam wanted to hide? Could it have been tons of American money?

HOW ABOUT – CHEMICAL WEAPONS (WMD’s) that Saddam didn’t want found?? He used Chemical weapons in the past on the Kurds, why wouldn’t he use them again? He expected a short war, American pull out and he would get his weapons back. He didn’t count on a President with a SPINE and being DEAD!

Think about it folks!!


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