Posted by: Frank | 09/14/2013

Another call for TERM LIMITS


While I would love to believe the above sign, I have NO faith in the public and their ability to make a reasonable decision. Proof is sitting in the White House today.

I don’t know who or why but finally someone besides me have taken up the torch and made a Facebook page to promote Term Limits! Feel free to join the fight to take back AMERICA! Time to kick out the crooks and start over!

For any of you that have watching our political process for the past months, aren’t you tired yet?? We have so many long term legislators that NEED to be put to pasture, that we need to take action. When are Americans going to wake up and do what has to be done? we need to put a serious proposition forth to get rid of these duds and get some new blood into the system.

Twenty years as legislators at the Federal level is more than enough time to accomplish something and if they haven’t made any inroads by then, the need to move on.

They can be treated like the Military or other federal service people, Get at least 20 years of service and retire with a pension. Time in State legislation can count towards retirement but not full 1 for 1 in years..

We in Hawaii realize that our Democrats, all of them it appears, do NOT actually want feedback on ANYTHING, unless you happen to be a Union boss that supported them or one of their big donors. I actually had high hopes and thought the Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Brian Schatz and were going to prove different, it’s still early and we should be willing to give them a chance.

If you live in Hawaii, we all know that Mazie Hirono & Coleen Hanabusa are less than useless if you don’t have money to give them they ignore you. Neither have done anything of note since they’ve been in politics. If you’ve watched any news over the past few years you’ve seen the face of the crook below..

Barney Frank

How many of you know the salary of our legislators and the numbers of their TAXPAYER paid staff and how much they are paid? Take a moment to read this if you would:’0E%2C*PL%5B%3D%23P%20%20%0A

If “the people” made their desire known via various groups that support our elected officials – it would happen. MOST people are lazy or just happy that their legislators bring ‘extra’ taxpayer $$ to their State by any means possible, often making someone (close to the legislator) rich. Fighting cronyism and a legislation of thieves sharing their ill gotten gains with their constituents isn’t easy.

On the other hand, there are a LOT more of US in American than them! Those of us that are paying attention just need make a stand to ‘get out the vote’.

Once again – for retention – My suggestion is a MAX of 20 years TOTAL combined in House or Senate! And some BIG changes in the retirement plans!  Join the revolution!

You’ve made it through my Term Limit thoughts, take a few minutes to Listen to this video and think about it – when it’s finished, ask yourself – where are we today?


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