Posted by: Frank | 09/15/2013

2013 – Remembering 9/11


If you support our troops, this should be an interesting post for you, if not – tough – I do!

My wife (Martha) and I were recently invited to another visit to the Pōhakuloa Training Area (PTA) which is located on the island of Hawaii via G.O.E. (Gathering of Eagles) for a ‘Live Fire’ and ‘Stryker’ Orientation on Sept 11, 2013. Our hosts presented much the same briefing we had with our BIRMA visit, with a few updates. We were then driven to Pu’u Ani an observation point located between the Battalion guns and their target area for the live fire demonstration. The Unit motto of the main unit of the 11th Field Artillery Regiment is ” On Time! “To say it was impressive isn’t enough. Needless to say, I would not want to be on t he receiving end of a ‘105’!

We were then taken down the ‘mountain’ and were able to meet with the gun crews and given a great demonstration of the loading and firing procedure as well as the break down and movement of the weapons. After the ‘Live Fire’ we were taken back to the main camp were we were allowed a ‘hands on’ orientation of three (3) Stryker’s (anti-tank, support & rocket firing) and we climbed aboard and talked to their crews.

It was a fantastic day and meeting the young men and women who are actively putting their lives on the line for us was an honor to say the least. The commitment and enthusiasm they demonstrated was heart warming and increased the pride we have always felt for our service members.

I am attaching a link with the images I captured of these dedicated people and the equipment that they use, count on to protect them and continuously maintain.

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