Posted by: Frank | 09/16/2013

A Letter To Sen. Dianne Feinstein


I lived in California from 1983 – 2008. When I first arrived there I thought it an expensive but beautiful place to live. The longer I stayed and watched the Democrats tax their citizens into near bankruptcy and pass laws that liberals pushed, my fondness for the State crumbled. When we finally decided to move to Hawaii we wondered if we were going from the ‘frying pan into the fire’ for many reasons – Democrats screwing their taxpaying citizens being the foremost.

While CA has many left wing nuts like Pelosi and Boxer, many of us thought Dianne Feinstein was (almost) one of the good ‘guys’. Her bazar reactions to many topics (including gun control) since Obama was elected seems to have changed her considerably. I tried to send her a polite note, seems that if we aren’t in her district she doesn’t want to hear from us, my email was rejected.

The following is my letter:

For years, while living in California I (and many others) looked at you for a bit of sanity among the Democrats that are destroying California (and America). Perhaps I was being naïve when I thought you were head and shoulders above Ms. Pelosi & Ms. Boxer, two of the worst legislators ever produced from a once great State. Regardless, most of us had little in the way of negative thoughts or comments about you.

That seems to have changed since the election of our failed experiment, the race baiting President elected via lies and deception that the liberal part of our country is so good at spreading. YOU have changed, it seems you actually believe the garbage that spews from the far left of your party and have thrown away your common sense for hero worship of an unqualified arrogant liar. I find this truly sad.

Your outrageous remarks regarding guns (something you have PROVEN you know little about) but lack of interest in the MURDERS of the hero’s of Benghazi and the brazen lies of Hillary Clinton and all those hiding the truth about the attack and responsibility, should make you hang your head in shame.

I do not expect your protectors will let you will see my letter but after reading your latest RANT I felt the need to vent. So whomever reads this – you do her an injustice by shielding her from honest remarks from someone who once respected her as one of the FEW sane Democrats in our government..


Frank Dickinson

** Feinstein has her own ideas about our Constitution and the Amendments to it. Her latest rant:

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