Posted by: Frank | 10/03/2013

Gas and Oil – We NEED Answers!

A recent news report tells us that WE (the United States) are NOW the Biggest exporter of OIL in the world! Todays news tells us we should soon be independent of foreign oil and natural gas in the near future!

Think about this! Just a few short years ago we were the chief IMPORTER of oil AND we were told that we needed to wean ourselves from using ‘fossil fuels’ or we would always be under the thumb of middle east oil producers. Look at us now that we on the opposite side of the door. We hear of new areas being discovered all the time. Of course we have to deal with all the conservationists, Liberals, Democrats, mamby pamby clowns that don’t want us to drill OR explore for new sources of oil and natural gas!–booming-us-oil-production-may-be-just-beginning

So, my major question and yours should be, why aren’t we asking our LEADERS why our gas prices are still so out of sight?? I know there are plenty of excuses but are any of them GOOD ones?

No mater what we find and produce in the U.S.A. we are getting NO relief at the pump. Why is that? Why is our government keeping the price of gas artificially inflated? Why does OUR oil cost bounce up and down with the price of foreign oil? Why can’t our government tell the foreign oil producers to piss off and take control of the costs of oil in the world?

If we are able to keep the conservationists and nay Sayers in check, we have a chance to become independent of foreign oil and gas and hopefully get our prices down at home…

In Hawaii we should be pushing our legislators towards importing Natural Gas to help with OUR energy costs and concerns. Switching your car to use Natural Gas is easy and cost effective if we can get the EPA to do their job and approve more conversion kits.




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