Posted by: Frank | 10/04/2013

Lamestream Media at work!



If you are watching the Main Street media the last few days, everything they are bombarding us with makes the ‘shutdown’ look like it’s all on the Republicans. NOT ONE of the big four networks admits that the Democrats a BIG contributors to either the Sequester that Obama spent millions of dollars shouting about and proving just how stupid actually he is.

The Whitehouse is doing the same thing for this ‘shutdown’ that they did at the beginning of the sequestration – making things as hard and inconvenientĀ for the average American as they possibly can.

It is time for Americans wake up and realize the liberal left is screwing us and they aren’t using lube!

1 obama-marijuana

If you lived through the Clinton era you might remember that during his second term he took time out from poking interns to co-operate with the Republicans and actually accomplished something even while being impeached.


It’s SAD that Obama doesn’t have enough brains to take time off from kissing his own ass to work with the Republicans.


  1. Wrong. It’s the Republicans who have directly stated that they would work against everything Obama does. Look it up, do your research some time.

    • Aloha Steven, If you paid attention to this particular blog post it was regarding ONE thing. As for the other ‘anti Obama’ efforts, they are completely justified – look what has happened with Obamacare, (yes some good, a lot bad) his immigration actions! This clown needs to be stopped!

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