Posted by: Frank | 10/06/2013

“Crooks In Congress’!


First – I’m NOT defending our congressional leaders!!

That said, I find it exceedingly amusing when I read letters and articles in the paper bashing the Republicans and Congress in general yet few comments about our failed President. Our television and internet news is not much different.

We all know our Mainstream Media is left leaning, has been for as long as I can remember. I often wonder why, even though I know money is a big part!

I would like to think if I was in a position of power and had the ability to influence and inform people of the happenings of their local towns, States and Federal government that I would want to be forthcoming and honest – in FOX News term – ‘fair and balanced’ (no I am not campaigning for FOX)!

I’d like to see a raise of hands that actually believe our NEWS is delivered to us honestly by unbiased news outlets every day? Hold them up, I want to count them! Hmmm, didn’t have to take off my shoes for that one!!!

To me, one of the MOST amusing part of this tirade is from the people of Hawaii (my home) complaining of “corruption in congress”. As my laughter dies down I wonder WHY they cast stones at the corruption while at the same time failing to realize that Hawaii herself does her fair share of supplying corrupt legislators to Congress and has continued to do so with constant regularity from the time she became a State.

I look at our ‘donation’ to congress today and see MAYBE one and a half (1 & 1/2)representatives that I believe to be honest and worthy of their positions. The others were elected via dishonest campaigns, favoritism and questionable monies donated. NOT for their integrity or devotion to our State and Country, but cronyism or ability to say what people want to hear even if they have no intention to go forth with their campaign promises.

IF you are honest with yourself and don’t just beat the same old drums, Obama is the foremost prime example of a useless legislator with NO history of value contributed to his Town, State or Country, elected by people living in a fantasy world instead of reality. He never served in our Military, actually has no knowledge on how it works. He was a pot smoking “organizer” with questionable abilities and a member of a radical church.

So, perhaps before we accuse our Federal legislators of being ‘CROOKS’ we should remember WE sent them there and the cleanup process needs to start at home…


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