Posted by: Frank | 10/13/2013

Shades of Pelosi!

Shades of Pelosi!
What is wrong with ALL of our Government EMPLOYEES?

We, the TAXPAYERS, hire them to do a job and hopefully do it right! Instead we end up with a bunch of Pelosi wannabe’s like Councilwoman Margared Wille that has the insolence to say, “she is more concerned about getting a law passed than sorting out all those details now”! What kind of an idiotic statement is that?

Sounds a lot like the “anti fracturing, or “fracking” bill that is being pushed!

Is this REALLY a Democrat thing? Are they UNABLE or UNWILLING to spend some time and do the research? Is it in OUR best interest that they are saying, ‘Let us not be concerned if it is a good or needed law, let’s just pass it and hope for the best’ without verifying that there is any danger or REAL (as to imagined that we keep hearing regarding BOTH subjects) threat to the people or environment!

You MAY ask ‘Why do intelligent people allow our ELECTED officials constantly do this?’

Perhaps i answered my own question “intelligent people” that VOTE could be lacking…

Look who we have as Governor – one who won’t ‘take on the burden’ of opening our National parks!


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