Posted by: Frank | 10/14/2013

America NEEDS a 28th Ammendment!!

Tragic Death

Tragic Death

The hypocrisy of our ‘leaders’ is overflowing into the public and destroying the STATE of AMERICA as a whole!

Our President and Congress are in a ‘hot’ disagreement regarding a budget. Something Obama has avoided since he’s been in office. His proposals were/are the cause of much laughter in both the House and Senate. Yet this time, with ‘mid term’ elections a year away – a budged is suddenly ‘important’! Even CNN – the LEFT arm of liberals has an opinion:

Arrogance as exhibited by our current President, Ignorance as exhibited by liberal Democrats and Hero Worship and Hope from the people that elected our FAILED symbol of Democracy are likely to become the STRAW that breaks Americas Back!

The arrogance of our President is being translated to the ignorance of the left leaning people – including Hawaiians. Letters written to our local paper WHT show us that liberals are without a doubt – TOTALLY clueless.

The attacks on Republicans in the House prove what little attention lefties pay to actual FACTS!  We’ve heard dozens of times that Obama and his clowns want a “clean” budget (something they haven’t passed in 5 years) yet when the House sends them a “clean” budget WITHOUT OBAMACARE FUNDING – they ignore it.

It’s been proven to us time and again that ACA sucks! The ‘roll-out’ has been more of a joke than anything else in recent history. What would it hurt to delay this bankrupting program a year and FIND OUT WHAT ELSE IS BAD ABOUT IT? Of course this would go against everything Pelosi and her liberal clowns believe in – duhhh! 

Today we are “closing down the government” and making things tough for Americana’s because that’s what Obama wants to do. He is once more using his formidable powers of “flim flamery” to make the American public believe just WHAT HE WANTS THEM TO BELIEVE.  The JOKE about our ‘debt ceiling’ is another scare tactic he is using to pit the public against Republicans…  To my amazement, CNN once again comes through!

It is a FACT that raising the Debt Ceiling only allows us to SPEND MORE!  Paying our bills could just as easily be accomplished by CUTTING SPENDING and have a longer lasting AND positive effect on our economy!

To MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, It is the OPTION/duty of the House (and the Republicans today) to control the purse strings of the Nation! The Republicans along with a few Democrats, are actually doing their job – The ignorance being displayed by Reid, Pelosi & Obama should be the HEADLINE of every major news provider in America!

Just because DEMOCRATS want to shove a failing program from a failing President down our throats doesn’t make it right! Wake up folks!

brain-dead libeerals

If you were ever in doubt that America REALLY needs CHANGE (other than a clueless President and those that act like bobble-heads at his every whim) then the past few weeks should put you on the band wagon for some serious rethinking of our elections and legislators.

If you take a moment to read this and not just laugh it off, follow the various links for more detailed information. It is JUST a guideline – I personally think 20 years MAX would work better. We – that pay attention – have seen far too much corruption in our government by hard core lifers and it is time for change!

Since I seem to be getting long winded here I have just one more link that should amuse you as you watch the udder ignorance of a reporter interviewing Rand Paul!

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