Posted by: Frank | 10/16/2013

Today & The Gullible Public

obama-washington burns

Reading WHT again today continues to remind us just how gullible the American people are. Pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, search the Internet and we are bombarded with the simplicity of the American thinking. We elected Obama on a whim and a prayer, hoping that an unproven Senator to President via a wave of propaganda that likely could have gotten the ‘cookie monster’ elected. Four years later and a total failure, he was reelected for another term by this same people again fueled by the propaganda machine above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.

For years we have been told that Ethanol was going to be the savior of our environment – something we now know was a lie, in fact, using ethanol actually creates more smog than using regular gas, and the EPA’s own attorneys had to admit that fact in front of the justices presiding over the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in 1995 (API v. EPA)! It’s been proven that all fuels laced with ethanol reduce the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and the E85 blend drops gas mileage between 30% and 40%, depending on whether you use the EPA’s fuel mileage standards ( or those of the Dept. of Energy.

Today we see small groups of people with agendas we don’t comprehend convincing the public in 1970 that there is a tremendous danger with the use of cyclamates, one that after 20+ years was finally proven as false.

Let’s add to this, there is a LIST of at least ten reasons we shouldn’t drill offshore. If you have an open mind, when you work your way through the list you find most of them to be bogus, things that get the Public thinking on the negative side and trying to keep them there. This article was written in 2008 and we have proof today that the reasons listed are just a lot of BULL that the left leaning clueless promoted.

We move on to one of the latest scare tactics telling us all that we should be wary of GMO’s, once more with no proof, just ‘someone’s bloated idea and the ability to push their misinformation down the throats of their target audiences. The worst part of this scenario is that just enough people in ‘high’ places, fall for the bogus information and get behind it, pushing it down our throats. We see this today in Hawaii when our left wing legislators take a stance on something they have NO proof is bad for us. To date, there is NO definitive proof that GMO’s have a negative effect on our health. The worst part for our Islands is that they (legislators) don’t listen to farmers that are asking for help to fix the problems they are facing with regards to insects and other dangers to their crops.

My question – what is the motivation that pushes these legislators to support bogus claims put forth by the uninformed, what’s in it for them – also, why does the media so readily jump on the band wagon and support them without the proof to back it up?

Today they (the media) are promoting the left wing buzz that the world as we know it will come to an end tomorrow if a new Debt Ceiling limit isn’t passed. A little research shows us it is all a lie but the Media continue to push the lie. WHY??

Do your OWN research and THEN make up your OWN mind!


  1. I really like reading through a post that can make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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