Posted by: Frank | 10/24/2013

Huffington Post Forgets about Freedom of Speech!

Huffington Post – The most Left leaning Blog on the Internet! I’ve been a member of Huff for eight years and watched it slowly turn into something I do not recognize! We used to be able to post our opinions if it differed from the rest of the people on the left. Since Obama and Hillary have come into the picture, Huffington has started censoring any and all items that don’t speak fondly of either of them. Huffington has lost sight of FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


If you aren’t a blogger, you likely won’t care about this post but if you DO  blog, it could be interesting.

Isn’t the PURPOSE of a blog to share views? As long as we aren’t swearing at each other and using racial slurs shouldn’t we be able to voice our opinions of those insulting us?

Personally, even though I am not a member of the ‘TeaParty’ it gets REAL old having left wing nuts call me a ‘Teabagger’ or “TPer’s” because I don’t agree with them!!

On a recent Huff blog (talking about which ‘party’ gives the most to charity) one of the frequent bloggers left me this remark:

“By all accounts, most Republicans are tax evaders, not taxpayers — the ones running things, anyway. Republicans who do give to charity are prone to getting fraudulent tax receipts that pad the amounts…” and this – “I love the way you refer to your “Liberal friends”. Reminds me of the “some of my best friends are ” references used to deflect accusations of racism after “everybody knows that are lazy / drunk / ignorant” remarks. “Everybody knows” that Repubs, aside from having contempt for formal education, like to boast about how charitable and Christian they are… “Everybody knows” that “the left” are all unemployed and on welfare (especially those Harvard grads in the White House).”
Huffington chose to censor My response to him:

“Well Robert, I wanted to answer your last comment but for some reason it doesn’t show up here? Will answer from my email…

1st – you wouldn’t know I live in HI – one of the Best places to live with the WORST and most corrupt political organizations in our country. If it wasn’t for the crooked left wing liberals we wouldn’t have a government. In order to survive you MUST ‘befriend’ them – I have.

2nd – Though I am NOT now a republican, I was and still do KNOW many of them across our country – USAF-RET brought me in contact with more ‘right’ than ‘left’ leaners. From MY experience – YES – they are more generous with time and THEIR money!

3rd – AGAIN from my experience the majority on the ‘right’ had to work for their ‘higher’ education and didn’t have the benefits of a rich family to buy their degrees for them. For myself, it took me 8 years of working a full time job and going to night school to get mine and i’m proud that I paid for it all myself…

4th – We have YET to learn anything about the TRUE education of your Prez since it all seems to be a big secret. Likely someone else took exams for him while he was out enjoying his recreational drugs he is so proud of…

did I miss anything?? aloha”

This is something that Huffington is really good at, they are more likely to delete posts from the ‘middle’ or ‘right’ than any insulting remarks from the ‘left’. Since they are a leftist blog I guess it is ok for them to do it but seems a tad unfair that they are infringing on OUR right to dispute the claims of their target audience.

Of course, we’ve discovered that life isn’t fair, especially under Obama!

No News there!

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