Posted by: Frank | 11/12/2013

Obama vs The Clintons – “Liars Club”

If you’ve been around for both of these presidencies then you know that The Clintons had their fair share of lies and that Hillary is still doing her part to propagate her own share of lies in an effort to be considered for a future presidential run. That said, she is pretty much past history at the moment..


If there was indeed a ‘liars club’ our current President would be the hands down winner of the ‘competition’!

If you are looking for corruption in an Administration, the pain and suffering that he has caused and continues to cause is above and beyond anything our country has been through in recent history.

The most recent thing is likely his biggest lie to date, affecting MILIONS of Americans, regarding Obamacare! He has been on NATIONAL T.V. dozens of times lying to the public, telling us that our Medical insurance is secure if we have a plan that we are happy with. The truth has come out that the White House (YES, this means YOUR President) knew from the beginning that it was all a lie!!


Now, his lies proving to be just that – LIES,  he is lying about his lies and he expects the public to forgive him – AGAIN!!

let’s go back to his lies about the “Red Line” he ‘didn’t draw’ regarding use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad and the murders of her people by the forces of the dictator.


One of the most tragic things the Obama Administration accomplished was the DEATH of some of Americas greatest Hero’s in a deadly helicopter crash that included 17 SEALs and five special warfare development group operators, the very same men that took down Osama bin Laden!


Many think this ‘crash’ was a direct result of Obama and Biden bragging about the mission that ended Bin Laden’s career. A mission whose details should have NEVER been released to the public! The blatant desire to brag about a dubious accomplishment by a failed president and his administration MAY have been responsible for costing the lives of some of our best and bravest defenders of our freedom!

If we go back to previous years, the lies Obama has told us since first campaigning for office just keep piling up, his biggest being an ‘open administration’ something that has proven to just be the opposite!

When will AMERICANS finally stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It’s PAST time to IMPEACH this arrogant ASS!


  1. The administration and top congressional leaders attempted to blunt that criticism on Tuesday during debate on Capitol Hill. Even House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the chamber’s No. 2 Republican, said any president would have drawn that red line based on international norms.

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