Posted by: Frank | 11/13/2013

San Francisco – Love it or Hate it

As with all my postings, they consist of MY personal opinions and I recommend people do their own research and make their own decisions.


No matter where you live or visit, you can ALWAYS find something good about the place if you just try! Or recent trip to San Francisco was an experience I will chalk up to mostly wasted time. Admittedly there were some interesting sights and we did go to a couple of good restaurants but for the most part I was NOT impressed.

In five LONG days I saw more HOMELESS people – including ‘vets’, panhandlers, POT smokers standing on corners openly puffing on their joints and overtly Gay (mostly men) kissing and embracing and playing ‘grab-ass’ in public.

BEFORE you start screaming and yelling at me – I could care less if people are gay or want to smoke Pot but doing either on street corners is a bit of a stretch to me.


On the ‘plus’ side, we got to ride the Street Cars, the Buses and did lots of walking. We had several good meals at local (NOT high end) restaurants and visited a park or two. We were surprised to find several attractions, museums, open to the public and free. AND our trip to the “Warf” was fun as well as the boat ride around the Bay. All fun things to do ONCE.


We were available for the local Veterans day parade and assumed it would be a sizeable event. It didn’t take us long to realize that was more comparable to the parades we have in Kona. It was a bit of a disappointment for a city the size of San Francisco even though it is a VERY LIBERAL city to have such a small turnout on a national holiday to commemorate our hero’s in the military and the sacrifices they have made – past and present.


We all know SF is VERY Liberal and doesn’t much care about what the rest of the world thinks. They have some of the most ignorant legislators ever to be posted to our Senate or House. Senator Feinstein is a PRIME example, once a halfway decent, open minded Senator, Now just a die hard left wing nut that kisses Obamas ass and couldn’t tell an assault weapon from a zip gun.


The trip itself was fun, it was my second journey to Northern California but the first time I was ‘under the weather’ and do NOT remember much about the trip or what we saw.

Although we did see some nice areas, It is NOT a place I would ever want to live or raise a family. The streets were jammed with cars, busses crowded, streets often dirty, graffiti on too many buildings, way to many areas I wouldn’t walk down alone at night.

The BEST part of our trip was that I was with my lovely wife! Needless to say, I did NOT “leave my Heart in San Francisco” and will remain happy living in Kona!


  1. No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Alcatraz. Buy Alcatraz tickets online through the official website long before you plan to visit, or it’s likely to be sold out. It’s a fascinating tour, starting with a fun boat ride and ending with spectacular views. If you have kids, have them read “Al Capone Does My Shirts” before they go — it’s a great juvenile fiction (grade 5 or so?) about a boy who lives on Alcatraz (his dad works there) when Al Capone is imprisoned there. They also have a night tour of “The Rock,” which is both creepy and a real blast. is the official website for tickets.

  2. I will save my vacation money for Tahiti – haven’t been to San Fran since I was 18 and back then it was impressive- thanks for the update.

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  4. For you to think GMOS would be beneficial is completely beyond me. Egypt (with a starving country) was smart enough to decline, even if it left its people starving. Better starving than dying a slow death. But you probably don’t give a shit about any of that do you. Just one more thing to use for your liberal bashing bullshit. If you seriously have THIS MUCH to complain about, go back to where you belong you crazy Haole!!!! We were surviving just fine on our “non existent natural resources” before all you white people & your superficial needs came along. You don’t know how to plant some Kalo and make food? Naturally purify your water? Then get off our Aina! Instead of all this talk of things that you think would benefit us, but in actuality would RUIN what land we have left! Yes we are a special state. That’s because we don’t have all the messed up stuff like GMO’s, fish farms, etc that the mainland uses because they have completely used their land up. Seriously, we were doing just fine without negative honkeys. And when your “MERICA” runs itself to the ground with all your materials and money, but NOTHING ELSE, HAWAII WILL LIVE ON. We will cultivate, just as our ancestors did, we can live off the land. AND BE HAPPY WITHOUT ALL OF YOUR STUPID MODERN BULLSHIT. Go home bra. Just go home.

    • This is a reply to your post about Living in Hawaii. I’m sorry but sometimes you should really just not talk about things you don’t know. Especially if your going to live in Hawaii, if you don’t want to Malama the Aina, that’s one thing. But at least respect it.

      • I’ve been coming to Hawaii for 25 years, lived here for the past 10 and venture to say I pay attention to what goes on. If people love living in a welfare state it is their choice. If others want to try and do something about the problems here, it is up to them/us to say and do what we can. Sitting on your butt with your hand out waiting for a check or someone to give you something is NOT the way people with any kind of ambition CHOOSE to do, living off others, the way DEMOCRATS want you to do, should not be a career of choice..

    • Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? I sincerely doubt it! You imply Hawaii would survive without outside help yet you likely cheer when MILLIONS of taxpayer $$ pour into the State as federal grants/pork spending. I belong in Hawaii because I’ve chosen to live here and I happen to have the guts to say what I feel and choose to buck the corrupt establishment you and people like you encourage and that has kept our State dependent on outside help. The Unions and the Democrat clowns they control only care about themselves, NOT the people. No matter what you may think, handing out food, clothing, cheep homes, food stamps etc. is NOT caring about the people – it’s buying support for a corrupt government that is afraid of job creation because people would start to realize just what a mess we have on our hands. Since you are a dimwit I will tell you, I was raised ON A FARM back East and likely know more about growing food than you or most of your ‘native’ friends. You might want to pull your head out of your ass and look around and THANK those of us that have adopted Hawaii as our home and help your State survive. You want to see crazy, check in your mirror..

  5. Awesome article.

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