Posted by: Frank | 11/14/2013

A “Blameless” President – Wonderful!

With the CONFIRMED facts that Obama has lied to the American people that voted for him for AT LEAST the last three years, this was worth a repost…

Just my opinion!

When I first posted this we hadn’t really experienced the ‘pain and suffering’ of Obamacare. Now we have and we have Obamas own words – on video – repeated over and over telling MILLIONS of Americans that “they could keep their insurance if they liked it – PERIOD”!

We now know he lied and as early as 2010 KNEW that he was lying to the public yet kept repeating the same thing over and over – pounding it into the simple minds of the American public that WANTED to believe in him!

He has proven that he is an accomplished liar and could care less about Americans!


We are at a Historical first for our Country! Never before have we elected a President that wasn’t man enough to except responsibility for his actions. Even considering the various scandals we’ve been through during our growth there has NEVER been anyone like…

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