Posted by: Frank | 11/16/2013

What’s it like to be a Liberal?


This is one of the many questions that even Liberals can’t answer. They have no idea WHAT they believe in, just that they don’t agree with ANYTHING that a ‘right leaning’ person has to say or wants to do, EVEN IF THERE IS POSTIVE EVIDENCE/PROOF THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS RIGHT!

As seen above, the easiest thing for a liberal to do is LIE!

How many things can they blame Bush for?

Take five minutes to watch this video through and see just how much TRUTH he was passing on to us each time he spoke.

How many of you have actually TALKED to a Liberal?
Have you ever tried to tell them something they didn’t want to hear?
What was their reaction to what you said?
Did they listen, attempt a conversation OR just attack you and what you said?

Have you ever asked them a question that make them uncomfortable?
Did they change the subject?
Attack you?
Try to blame someone else instead of giving you a direct answer?
Make excuses without accepting responsibility or the truth?

This ‘interview’ (below) goes a long way in showing just how ignorant liberals are when trying to get them to have a reasonable discussion.

If you want to see what liberals are saying about the Obamacare fiasco just tune in to your local and national news. Obama screwed up big time on this one and it’s on more YouTube videos than you can imagine.

Not to worry, he will continue to lie and make excuses – it’s bred into him…

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