Posted by: Frank | 11/18/2013

What is Wrong With Hawaii?

Much the same thing that is wrong with OUR COUNTRY!

My wife and I made a conscious choice to move to Hawaii after visiting the island many times after our original/first visit in 1990 for our honeymoon. The BI Kona was a “sleepy. quiet, laid back community. I admit that we did not have a true grip of what Hawaii was really like even though we DID know that it was controlled by Democrats. We found out after the fact what kind of power the Unions wielded via Democrat legislators.

Regardless of what I see as a faulty system governing our unique State, we love this island. I can’t imagine living anyplace else. This will be my last stop! That said, while I remain here I will do all I can to help correct the problems forced on Hawaii by 60 years of Democrat induced ‘slavery’!


Facts are facts and I would love to say ‘Nothing’ to that little question but it’s not quite that easy.

For those of you that don’t actually realize it, Hawaii is the prime example of a ‘Welfare State’ and it’s nothing to be proud of. If you look at Hawaii, you are seeing what Obama and Democrats everywhere want to make the U.S. of A. into.  A place Unions together with Democrats create  a ONE PARTY RULE and a second “Party” that is nothing but a joke to make it appear to be a continuing Democracy.

Look what we of Hawaii have – in the 1940’s: The Communist_Party_of_Hawaii put their support behind the Democrats. Over 60 years of Democrat rule has created a very large group of people that depend on Government in some way for almost everything they have or do. Hawaii is a PRIME example of what Democrats want America to look like, full government control of their lives and futures.

We have a high cost of living through little fault of the people – unless you count their poor judgment when they vote for people that promise to ‘give them more’ and unless you count on laws like the ‘Jones Act’ that prohibits competition for the shipping of goods to and from our State.

OR you could complain about being over taxed, something that has been around since the 1930’s, the G.E.T Tax – the highest tax rate in all of the states, and effective rate of 17% if you do the math.

As a broad-based tax, the GET adds extra costs to the manufacturing of products at every step of the way, from the material supplier to the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer. It increases the price tag of both living and doing business in Hawaii.

Every person that does any kind of business in our State gets tagged with this TAX.

We are a State surrounded by water with virtually NO natural resources. We are dependent on imports of everything from soup to nuts and everything in between. Knowing this you would think that our legislators would try to do more to keep import prices down, not constantly on the rise. Not about to happen any time soon. Everyone has their hands out for ‘their share’, from the Unions to the law makers.

Our left wing club protests against anything that would help make us self sufficient, including fish farms, GMO’s, or anything else that would benefit us without the support of facts that would prove their own claims against them.

We all know that if it wasn’t for tourism our State would go Bankrupt in a matter of weeks. We count on others to spend their hard earned dollars in our State then do our best to tax them into NOT coming back. The Democrat solution to all problems HIGHER TAXES!

As a side note, we are finding that Obamacare (ACA) is having some major malfunctions. The web site is a piece of garbage, Obama and MANY Democrats KNEW as early as 2010 that millions of people would be loosing their health insurance coverage yet LIED about it over and over, all caught on video (which they are trying to squirm out of)!


We in Hawaii can thank OUR OWN legislators for being active participants in this major fraud. In fact Mazie BRAGED about the fact that she was instrumental in making a “Deal” that would make Obamacare ‘painless’ to Hawaiians. Obviously she lied about this also! It is OUR responsibility to hire representatives that will work for us with OUR best interests in mind and NOT just be a ‘Bobble Head’ to whomever is in the Oval Office. As of today, we do NOT have people like this in office.


Not only did we elect someone as clueless as Obama as our new Senator, we are going to be stuck with her for 5 more years.

Our current legislators at the Federal level do NOT have minds of their own – they “support Obama’s agenda” no matter how destructive!

Hawaii needs work, the best thing that could happen is to oust the Democrat majority in our legislation, both State and National. Work on this and other things, helpful things will begin to improve living in Hawaii.

Just my opinion!


  1. Millions of tourists contribute to the tax take by paying the general excise tax and hotel room tax; thus not all taxes come directly from residents. Business leaders, however, consider the state’s tax burden too high, contributing to both higher prices and the perception of an unfriendly business climate.

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