Posted by: Frank | 12/08/2013

Obama – Margaret Thatcher vs. Nelson Mandela

I’m not denying that Mandela deserves a certain amount of praise and respect but The Obama Administration seems to kiss selective butts for some reason. My question – what is he hoping to get out of this taxpayer paid jaunt?

We see that Obama and family will attends the funeral of a communist but when a TRUE supporter of Democracy and America, he chooses to ignore Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she died! He chose to send a ‘delegation’ when HE should have been there in person (my opinion).

President Obama did not even lower the White House flags, in respect. Anyone that has been around for more than a few years knows that Ms Thatcher was a long time friend of America!

Our Race Baiting President certainly is picky on who he supports. Of course all the liberal blogs do not want anyone to mention that Mandela was a communist nor that Obama ignored Ms Thatcher:

While I am ‘bashing’ Obama, here is a small piece from a Liberal Law Professor:

While I’m at it, this is something that the Obama Administration should embrace and promote for the upcoming elections and our future!

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