Posted by: Frank | 01/01/2014

A New Year 2014 a TIME FOR CHANGE!


Well, we made it. It is now 2014 dispite all the things that Obama tried to do to us in 2013!

How many of you actually think Obama did anything of value in 2013? Feel free to raise your hands keep them up, I’m not seeing many, you’re implying that you don’t believe he did anything worthwhile!? Well, it’s a fact he didn’t do anything worthwhile except break promises and lie and now he’s on vacation at taxpayers expense in Hawaii. Why couldn’t he have just gone back to Chicago where his home is, it’s a lot closer and a lot cheaper to get there.

Now that we’ve made it to 2014 we need to make sure that we work at putting a stop to the pain Obama and his agenda are raining down on Americans We the people need to remember the Obama failures. With luck, Hopefully voters will remember that he and his left wing liberal congress has absolutely no clue on how to help America, never has. He has been a failure as President from the day he put foot in office, there’s no denying it no matter how much the liberal left-wing try.

Let’s look at his biggest failure to date, Obamacare (ACA) so far is a flop. There are FEW good points to the ACA and we KNOW that there are many surprises (among them new taxes) that will be unfolding in 2014. The October rollout of the $600 Million dollar website ( something Amazon or Google could likely have done for $30 Million) was a piece of garbage, a half trillion dollar boondoggle created by one of Michelle Obamas friends. AND In an effort to put lipstick on a pig, they are telling us that 2 million people have currently signed up for Obamacare but have given us no proof that they (those that signed up) are actually getting coverage. In fact, the people will not know until they try to use it sometime this year. We’re just supposed to go on faith trust them as we trusted the Obama administration from the beginning, a major mistake.

Obama has proven to us over and over especially in 2013 that he is the world’s greatest liar and blame giver. The broken promises the lies he told to get reelected and to promote something that nobody read (ACA) should be remembered! I like to see another reason hands, anybody like to guess how many times he’s blamed other people, usually President Bush, for things that have happened during his administration?

How many of you remember during Obama’s campaign his bragging about the fact that he would have a positive effect on the Middle East because of his Muslim background? If you are you paying attention today you realize that our friends in the Middle East don’t like us? From the time Obama took office he has not given them the support they expected and even Israel doesn’t trust us anymore. Good job Mr. President – NOT!

How many of you remember one of his most stupid promises, the promise to close Gitmo? He never did quite figure out what he would do with all the people that are interned down there (sending them to Chicago seemed like a good idea to me, they would fit right in) but closing it was a promise that he failed to keep. Only the first, won’t be the last!

Recently I saw a news report where the Obama administration bragging that they have created over a million jobs. Of course they fail to mention that the largest % of the jobs were part time nor did they mention that over 10 million jobs have been LOST since Obama took office. Somehow that doesn’t sound very good to me.

I could go into more of his lies and deception but expect that would actually be a waste of time. Many who read my blog don’t agree with what I say and still believe the clown that was elected (twice) should be our president. Millions of us disagree but we are stuck with him so we need to try to make the best of it. The biggest question is, how long will it take the next president to correct all the mistakes that this one made?

We all know that there are still more questions than answers in regard to Benghazi, most of us believe that there was a cover-up and who knows when we’ll find out the truth. Now it appears that Hillary is going to make a dash for the White House, it doesn’t take much exploration into her background to realize that she’s a crook, a liar, and who knows what else yet she wants to be our president. I hate to admit it but I think she would’ve done a better job than Obama but I certainly do not want to see her in the office after the mess in the Benghazi and the role she likely played in getting those Americans killed.

One of these days they should both be held accountable. With any luck in 2014 the GOP will take over the Senate keep control in the house and finally put an end to this Obama/Reid madness.

Sad part about it being 2014 for millions of Americans is that they are going to find out just how bad Obamacare is.  There are so many provisions that will be taking effect this year this really going to bite us in the butt. How many more millions will lose their insurance because of his broken promises? How many millions still won’t have insurance because they can’t afford it since the rates have been going up and up and up.

Is there a way out of this mess? As a blogger I have more questions than answers, but I do believe that Obamacare can be fixed. Maybe I’m being optimistic but I do believe everyone should have insurance I don’t believe Obamacare is the way to go but there are good parts to it.

If we can just get the hard left and the hard right to give in a little and work with all the moderates in Congress will have a chance to fix the ACA and many other things Obama has messed up. We as voters should be the ones telling our Congressman what to do, not having them tell us what they will do in our name without our consent. How much more of their arrogance do we have to put up with before we say enough is enough?

As a side note, up until last year, that’s 2013, I was a diehard Republican. As much as I believe in the lot of what the tea party is trying to do, I still believe they should be leaving room for discussion and compromise.

As a final note on this blog, I believe that one of the biggest things we have to worry about in 2014 is the IRS. They have been given more power, have the ability to find out more information about us and will be able to fine us for not obeying a law (ACA) that stinks. My vote would be to abolish the IRS come up with a thought flat tax plan make it fair to everyone pays.

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