Posted by: Frank | 01/05/2014

Obama – Stupid, Arrogrant or Ignorant?


Personally I think he is ALL of the above! We know he lacked experience, he had an agenda and that is all he pushes, no thought as to the consequences that will result from his inane ideas.

I start each day by catching up on what happened during my sleep time. This morning I wake up to Obama telling the GOP to restore unemployment benefits that were discontinued in Dec!

Instead of putting another billion dollar drain on the American economy with NO return, WHY doesn’t the “President” get his own party off their asses and have them cooperate with the GOP to get a JOBS PROGRAM started – FINALLY!

What has happened to the America I knew – one where people hated to go on unemployment benefits and worked hard to find jobs, any job that would keep them ‘in the mix’ instead in front of the T.V. waiting on a check? My few weeks on unemployment were some of the most miserable of my life! As soon as possible I applied for a ‘reeducation program that helped me learn new skills and got me back to work in short order.

What effort has the Obama administration made in creating new jobs (other than the IRS), not much! As he has for the last five years, this poor excuse for a president, Obama points his finger and implies or blames someone else for his (and his parties) shortcomings. He has tried to shove his agenda down the throats of the GOP and the American people. His record of positive performance is NEGATIVE! When is he going to quit blaming everyone else and accept the SIMPLE fact that he is clueless and has NO working plan to fix what he’s broken.

The GOAL should be to create a jobs bill that DOESN’T contain any boondoggle riders to buy votes from either side and push it through! This would be a good place for the TRANSPARENCY that Obama promised and we have yet to see!

If anyone is actually paying attention, they would realize that once the people that have quit looking for jobs are figured into the jobless numbers we are at about 11% and the “Jobs Created” during Obama are 75% part time jobs! Time to let this clueless president know that YOU are paying attention and that ‘handouts’ are not the answer, they are the only the Band-Aid to the larger problem!



  1. There’s also a fiscal payoff. By moving people off unemployment benefits more quickly, the program aims to lower the cost of unemployment insurance for states and the federal government. At least nine states recently began cutting jobless benefits to save money .

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