Posted by: Frank | 01/06/2014

Obama – “Income Inequality”

obama job

Once more our clueless President Obama is trying to divert the attention of Americans AWAY from STILL current issues:

(1.) failing Obamacare,
(2.) Benghazi – shared with Hillary,
(3.) failed ‘green’ program (Fisker, Solyndra, LG Chem, Abound, A123, Beacon – to name a few),
(4.) failed  ‘stimulus’ Job Creation,
(5.) IRS abuse,
(6.) NSA Spying on Americans,
(7.) bogus global warming scare,
(8.) failed withdraw from Iraq,
(9.) Keystone Pipeline delay

He is attempting to stroke the short memory of the Left into forgetting what a failure this experiment of the past five years has been by pulling on their heart strings and starting another battle over extending unemployment benefits INSTEAD of getting people back to work!!

As long as people listen to Democrats and stand around with their hands out waiting for ‘free stuff’ these idiots will try and ‘take from the reach to give to the poor’! How about creating REAL jobs and giving the people a chance to EARN a living and work their way into something better!!

We also have MORE proof that Harry Reid, matched only by our “clown-in-chief” is a DAMN IDIOT! Where in hell does he think the $23 BILLION DOLLARS to pay for extended unemployment benefits comes from? Are Democrats pulling this money out of their asses? Are the liberal/Democrat 1% donating to this billion dollar boondoggle? Is Hollywood making a movie and donating the proceeds to the unemployed? The stupid shit and the liberal Democrats that support him and the sorry excuse for a President conveniently FORGET that it’s TAXPAYER MONEY paying for all this!


I’M A DAMN TAXPAYER! I want the money that is being spent in my name to be of use! The person/persons that get my taxpayer dollars can help maintain our parks, pick up trash along side the roads, do work with the homeless – all for the dollars that they are getting to be UNEMPLOYED! NO more sitting on their butts and watching football or pretending to look for work – get them out shoveling snow, DOING SOMETHING to EARN the money!

And if the UNIONS get pissed off, FIRE THEM and give the currently unemployed THEIR jobs!

While I am ‘ranting’ let’s tell the federal government to keep their noses out of wages! Each State should be in control of what they think the minimum wage should be. If States like CA want to continue down the road to bankruptcy by demanding $15 per hour for flipping burgers, more power to them! It won’t take long for companies to tell CA where they can put their minimum wage and move to a State where it is more friendly to business…

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