Posted by: Frank | 01/07/2014

Failed Experiment ‘In Charge’!

Let’s start with PROOF that the Dems in office today are some of the dumbest, most arrogant, ignorant and hypocritical idiots that the Democratic party has ever elected to office!

How many of you realize the POWER we in Hawaii have today? If you have been paying ANY attention for the five years you know America is NOT on the right path! Do you realize that Hawaii has the ability to stop Obama’s destructive agenda in it’s tracks? The democrats running for the soon to be open Senate seat are using STUPID platforms – One promises to ‘fight the Tea Party” the other is an Obama Bobble-head. Neither of them have plans to do anything of value, just vote the party line! When does it finally get old?

Obamacare (ACA) is a FAILURE!


Global warming was a sick joke created by Liberals/Democrats to bilk billions from American Taxpayers and make a select few RICH!

THESE are facts, there is much more that could be said but I would be wasting my breath here because, on our beautiful Islands,  so many people have voted for Obama “because he’s from Hawaii”!

Way to many people think that gives him some special ability, some ‘insight’ to what is good for us!

We KNOW that is not a fact! What we do know is that WE have a FAILED President that continues to lie and push his agenda with NO care for what he is doing to our country. We also know that WE in Hawaii have two SENATORS that WE hired to work for US – NOT OBAMA! If you, as voters, think the primary thing a Senator is hired for is to bring money into our State (something Dan was great at) then you are clueless! Senators are HIRED to do what is best for our country NOT just fill their agenda and STEAL from TAXPAYERS to make their supporters rich (something ONE well known Senator did for years).

This SAME Senator and his partner at the time is responsible for forcing the ACA upon our country and putting us in the current mess we are in today. If they had cared about our Country, they would have READ the bill and balked at the MANY budget busting provisions and the KNOWLEDGE that what they were promoting would adversely affect MILLIONS of hard working Americans.

My opinion, and not that far fetched, is that we need to wake up Hawaii, write, text, call or email YOUR Senators and tell them you are tired of them being Obamas BOBBLE-HEADS! Even our worst Senator, Mazie who’s WHOLE campaign (if you paid ANY attention) was ‘I will support Obama’s agenda’, will get the hint!

YOU, citizens of our beautiful State have the ability correct a serious mistake and see that have the chance to Stop the insanity of Obama/Reid/Pelosi and help get America back on track.!

Are you THINKING yet, Do you plan to continue promoting the arrogance of the Union backed Democrats on our islands that are just out to make themselves and their friends rich and continue to buy the votes of her people by making promises that keep them in poverty and under the thumbs of the politicians that could care less about the well being of the people that hire them?

The “Nuclear Option” used by Reid to circumvent the RIGHTS of peaceful resistance to what some think of as the irresponsible selection of key people in our government – destroying the rules our founders put forth to protect all of us, should be the LAST STRAW! The FUTURE could be in our hands!

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