Posted by: Frank | 01/09/2014

HISTORY & Democrats!

obama_ice cream

On one of the blogs I read on a regular basis I found people for once NOT defending Obama and NOT bashing Mr. Gates, the author of a new book that is NOT kind to Obama or his administration. Of course, some jumped to Obamas defense but not that many – perhaps they are seeing ‘the light’?

One of the bloggers (Biker) posted these words:

“Obama, will do down in the history books as the black age and the news media will go down as supporting him by covering up his lies. In the end the only thing that counts is TRUTH.”

My response to him was the following:

“Sorry ‘biker’ but I am afraid you will find that this FAILED EXPERIMENT will be ‘whitewashed’ in the history books. His failures will be twisted and blamed on others – much as is happening today, in real time. There are too many people that will want to protect this race baiting poor excuse of a President in order to preserve the ‘image’ that America was correct in electing an arrogant, clueless unskilled, lawyer that was even a poor ‘organizer’ with radical beliefs – that thought HE knew what was best for OUR COUNTRY!”

The ARROGANCE & IGNORANCE of the Democrats leaders know no bounds! Even today they work hard to change history and PUT LIPSTICK ON THEIR PIG!

Below is a well written article from start to finish. It should stir a desire to get the brain cells working. If you are a Democrat and THINK you know your Party – do you have the courage to read this?
Most won’t! For those that will – think about it and feel free to drop me a note..

We’ve had enough CRAP from this administration – isn’t it time to wake up shovel it out the door?

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