Posted by: Frank | 01/13/2014

Corruption: Dems vs. GOP

Do Democrats ever listen to themselves? Are they as clueless as they seem or just plain ignorant?

Hours ago I saw a DEMOCRAT on National TV say: “With all the people around Governor Christie knowing about ‘bridge-gate’ how could HE not know?”

Fast reverse to: Benghazi, IRS Scandal, NSA Scandal, Lies about Obamacare, Lies about “Red Line”! Where are the Democrats hooting and hollering about Obama having first hand knowledge of all these things? Duhhhhhh!

Of course the Obama administration is ACTIVELY investigating the IRS targeting of the Tea Party – the investigator being an OBAMA SUPPORTER AND CONTRIBUTOR  – no bias here ya think? BULL!

It is amazing how eager Democrats are to pass on their double standards when there are republicans involved in scandals and so willing to ignore when their own party continues to work on destroying America!

The saddest part is that the people that vote these clowns into office continue to believe the garbage they spew and keep voting them back into office!

Time to wake up folks! If you think the clueless wonder we have as President today is NOT a crook perhaps you should re-think your loyalties!


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