Posted by: Frank | 01/13/2014

What version of America do WE want?


America is at a point in her History where we can accept what the Democrats want to make us – a country DEPENDENT on their type of Government, social programs that use WORKING Taxpayers money and an ever increasing debt to buy votes and fund programs that keep their lowly supporters in virtual slavery with a few Rich & Powerful Democrats and the Unions behind them in power.


We can boot this SLAVE BUILDING bunch of clueless birdbrains out of office and start rebuilding the America our forefathers fought for and gave us to protect and build upon!!


When we start this process we need to remember that a LARGE part of what got us in this position was our own stupidity! By hiring/electing people to REPRESENT US then allowing them to STAY in these elected positions for DECADES because they “brought home the Bacon”, while using their seniority and power to make themselves rich and REMAKE our society in the image THEY think is best for us!


Even those of us that CHOOSE to live off the charity of others has to see that it can’t last forever, there will be a breaking point where our Welfare society collapses in upon itself because of the weight of costs going to those that are being supported by a limited income from taxpayers. It time, the continuing growth of the national debt will crush us!

Hawaii and California are PRIME Examples of what becomes of a Welfare State. The majority of the population depends on government (State & Federal) handouts, piling on more taxes to those of us that are in position to actually PAY Taxes on the short term.

The advent of OBAMACARE could be the ‘straw’ that finally drives America over the cliff. If something isn’t done to fix this monstrosity and reverse the damage it has already caused, it could crush us in this decade.


TODAY, America is being run by the most corrupt administration in her history, a President that ignores the Constitution, hates our Military and has NO worth while skills that can help us regain the rightful place in WORLD history our country deserves!


One of the prime candidates for office in 2016 is a female Democrat that shares the desires & goals of our current, corrupt administration. Hillary is a liar, a thief and a person who puts SELF before country. A look into her past by even the most ignorant person would soon uncover the corruption that brought her and her husband to power yet they BOTH earn millions each year from talking to a bunch of fools that are willing to pay to her their garbage.


We were once the worlds most powerful Country, respected by most Nations and more often than not feared by those that would work against us. Now – because of Obama’s mishandling, we spend more time apologizing than building an America the world can look up to and depend on.

It’s time to elect people that will help America grow, fire the long term Democrats and Republicans and start over. It’s time for TERMS LIMTS and time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

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