Posted by: Frank | 02/18/2014

America and English as a SECOND Language!

In our newspaper today there was an article about getting drivers licenses and taking the test – NOT in ENGLISH – but in one of perhaps a dozen different languages. Is America GREAT or what?!?

Personally I think WE ARE STUPID! We let our legislators – that are influenced by the dimwits in our society – dictate to us what is best for us as a nation!

Do people, when they migrate here (legally or not) know that America is an ENGLISH SPEAKING Country! Look around you, notice most everyone you meet SPEAKS ENGLISH! Look at our Movies, our TV, our Newspapers – primarily in ENGLISH! Our SIGNS are in English, Our police write Tickets printed in English, if you go to court everyone speaks English! Go to a restaurant, fast food joint, ask to use a restroom – all in ENGLISH!

What is the problem with wanting people that drive cars, trucks, motorcycles etc. SPEAKING ENGLISH? How SAFE to you feel knowing that there are thousands of people around you that are driving cars or trucks yet they don’t speak, understand and likely don’t READ English?!?

Twenty years ago I lived in and was involved in an accident in California, a man in a Van rear ended me ON A FREEWAY. We both got out, my intent (AS WAS THE LAW) to trade insurance information, instead, the NON English man started speaking in a language I had NO clue of (Not Spanish) and BEFORE I could take any real action literally threw five (5) $100 bills at me, got back in his van. I was waving and yelling for him to stop as he waved and drove away. I had his license number and make and model of his van and reported same. Nothing ever happened and I got stuck with a $2000 to fix my car.

Our legislators today forever browbeaten by the ACLU and other liberal organizations, bend to the pressure as if they (liberals) actually know what they are talking about. Is anyone in politics awake? Providing ‘translated’ tests for non English speaking applicants is NOT doing Anyone in Hawaii OR America a favor!

One last question – Just how many “Hawaiians” DON’T SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND
ENGLISH today?

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