Posted by: Frank | 02/26/2014

Helping the “Homeless”


It is a known FACT that some people WANT to be homeless, they are ‘happy’ with living the ‘free’ life and not being responsible to anyone for anything. They wander from town to town, city to city and live off the generosity of the people. SOME even get and bank their checks from Social Security, Pensions or other sources of income. Being ‘homeless’ is their choice and nobody can change their minds.

On the OTHER hand, many of our homeless today are that way because of a misfortune that fell upon them, job cutbacks, health problems and skyrocketing bills, mortgage defaults, divorce or any other ‘life changing’ event that they were unable to adapt to.

I will never believe that there is a homeless mother or father with children to care for that WANTS to be homeless even for a day nor do they want to stay that way for an extended period of time.

Our cities, states and Federal governments waste millions every year trying to push these people (yes I said push) into various programs, often overseen by corrupt or clueless administrators that do little to actually HELP those that need it.

Some cities & States have taken a negative approach, punishing those that are homeless and not trying to fix the problem, others have taken a positive approach. This link is a good example of each, the Picture above came from it:

To me it is noteworthy that in Hawaii, one of OUR very own politicians decided it was up to him to make an effort to force the Homeless to move on. His actions were ill-advised and just showed us he is a moron! I would have been less surprised and a bit more understanding if he had handed out one way airline tickets to California.

Years ago I suggested on a blog that was discussing Homeless issues that States could use deserted Military bases, prisons, commercial buildings and turn them into homeless shelters. The State/working with local businesses, religious groups and other well meaning groups like ‘habitat for humanity’ and the would renovate these locations and get them ready for needy people. Once people moved in, the “food basket” and other charitable groups could funnel their monies and efforts to these locations.

Local governments would see that those that need help would have access to an education program where they would be taught a NEW ‘trade’. I firmly believe that the Millions of dollars currently being wasted on failed programs to help the poor and homeless would likely cover most costs of these projects. This is one “social” program that MOST of us could support!

The new homes provided would NOT be free! In their new homes, People/families could have gardens, be taught to take care of their own maintenance and some that likely would be interested could be taught to work on/around the facilities. People that worked at the facility would be paid a comparable wage for the work they did.

They would have to be set up with onsite managers and an auditor for each to begin then possibly promote from within. I would bet a paycheck (if I was still working) that many people would contribute time and energy to help these people become productive citizens.

We all know that Americans can do anything they set their mind to, why not something as simple as this?

Of course we do have Unions and politicians to deal with, that would be a BIG hurtle but they can be overcome with a little effort from the voting public…

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