Posted by: Frank | 02/27/2014

Obama & Obamacare!

Obama’s OWN WORDS!!!


It’s hard to believe this man along with his buddy OBAMA has actually lied more than Clinton when he was in office!!

How many of you wish you had listened when Republicans were telling you that the ACA was going to be a major mistake for America?


Obama and his gang refuse to pay attention to what is going on around them? We have been seeing the results of this poorly written and executed piece of liberal garbage and what it is doing to our people, to our country and yet we let the liberals/Dems keep feeding us a line of bull that stinks to high heaven!

Recently we heard from several Democrats admit that they KNEW that Obama was lying but instead of saying something against it, the propagated the LIE!


When liberal Democrats start spouting off about ‘sharing the wealth’ they should take a moment to watch this:



Now we hear Harry Reid telling us that NOT A SINGLE STORY about Obamacare problems are all lies!

My MAJOR question is – will Democrats/Liberals EVER wake up and realize what they have allowed their legislators do to us? It’s pathetic at least.

We are hearing so many lies about how many people have signed up, how many have paid, how many duplicates, how many didn’t complete the process yet still got counted as ‘joined’ the program.



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