Posted by: Frank | 03/03/2014

Illegals and the problems they bring us!


Think about THIS:

I am NOT for making ILLEGALS citizens via amnesty! BUT we do need to figure out what to do about them and the continuing problems they are causing us.

I left the Republican party after the fiasco in 2012 but would likely never vote for a Democrat after Carter, Clinton & Obama. The very thought of having Hillary the “Benghazi Bitch” as our President makes me want to puke!

That said, There is NO way that we/the government are going to round up 12 Million ‘illegals’ and boot them out of our country. Most are hard working people, supporting families and yes, paying taxes. Setting up a means of REGESTERING them so they can be tracked would likely be a good thing. It would also lead to more of them paying taxes on what they earn. Currently they do their best to avoid attention and we don’t know where they are or what they are doing. My opinion – and it’s just that – get them registered (as resident aliens?) and get them recognized by the system.

The way it is now, they will be a drain on our recourses for decades. Time to meet the problem head on and take positive action that will knock this recurring issue our of the park and at the same time, limit the Democrats list of things to blame on Republicans… Think about it!

Many people think Illegals will be taken care of under Obamacare, I have some SAD news for you – It’s been happening for years, it will just become easier for them now:

As a side note, I just got this from a ‘friend’ of mine when talking to them about Obamacare:  “My family and I aren’t eligible for any subsidies……making obamacare completely NOT AFFORDABLE for us……and by not affordable I mean 650  bucks a month for a bronze program, 12000 dollar deductible …. for a family of three, ….. For the first time in my life, my family and I do not have health insurance……..someone has got to get that cat outta office!”

The figures below (crime and illegals) are from 2006, I looked for and didn’t find an updated version but this will give you SOME idea regarding on crimes committed by Illegals I can’t imagine it going down any time since:

Here is an article (printed May 6, 2013) relating to Fiscal Cost to TAXPAYERS of amnesty for Unlawful Immigrants:

And lastly for this blog, a study – Census data showing high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls.

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