Posted by: Frank | 03/12/2014

Obama & Muslims – Just MORE Broken Promises

While running for President the FIRST time, Obama told us all that because of his ties & understanding of the Muslim faith/culture he would be the ideal person to ‘up our status’ with countries that didn’t have us in the TOP TEN for friendship and well being. (you do realize that I am taking some liberties and paraphrasing a bit – kinda like Obama did to get elected.)

He used his ability to bullshit to talk to people at Cairo University that actually bought into his garbage:

Well, it’s been almost five years and we have a lousy relationship with more Middle East countries than ever before. The don’t trust this ‘symbol’ of American power any more than most of us at home. The see him as ‘an empty suit’ (couldn’t resist that, thanks Clint!)

The below site shows us how things looked in Sept of 2012:

Feel free to read the page and while you are at it remember that a lot has happened in the past 18 months and things are WORSE today!
Here is another article giving us a bit different view:

We couple all this with an itty bitty fact like – the two Secretary of State appointee’s under Obama have been crooks, liars, complicit in murder and/or traitors to our country, a fact easily verified on google – yes Muslims can use google also – what else do we expect from this failed president and his administration??

You may ask ‘WHY AREN’T WE SEEING THIS IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA?’ Do you REALLY have to ask that? If you do, here is THE main reason:

Mainstream media has had their heads so far up Obama’s butt from the beginning that any thought of reporting negative things about him is likened to being a traitor! They supported this failure, they WOULDN’T admit it, even if he is eventually impeached!

Not to worry Obama fans, He likely won’t be impeached because then CONGRESS and VOTERS that elected this clown will have to admit to the world that the IDEA of electing a ‘Black’ President while being a noble one, THEY JUST COULDN’T FIND A REAL DEMOCRAT (Black individual) WITH THE BRAINS/ABILITY TO DO THE JOB!

SO – don’t worry, even with all of his lies, race baiting and misdirection we are stuck with him and once he is FINALLY out of office liberals will do their best to wipe clean the failures of our Clown-in-Chief before many FACTUAL history books can be published. Then of course they CAN and WILL go into schools and censor any books TO REMOVE anything negative about the HISTORIC event and the man who failed us!

obama in the toilet

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