Posted by: Frank | 03/16/2014

Hawaii & the “Jones Act”


The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (P.L. 66-261),  aka, Jones Act!!

Shipping law reform! My hat if off to the few Democrat representatives AND huge kudos to Senator Sam Slom, a solitaire Republican that has the guts to stand against Senate DEMOCRATS who claim to care about Hawaii and her people YET continue to support the Jones Act!! Special kudos to representative Cindy Evans from North Kona for bringing up the IMPORTANT point of Hawaii’s possible importing of NATURAL GAS!

Lawyer and former U.S. Senate candidate John Carroll has sued the Feds in an attempt to get it overturned:

Anyone that understands how we receive goods realizes that this Act likely keeps shipping costs higher due to the lack of competition! Local business suffers from this outdated Act:


Need more information regarding what The Jones Act does to us:

What part do unions play in keeping the Jones act going.


Some of our legislators are showing they have some ‘stones’ and making feeble attempts to change things:

To our Democrat legislators I ask – What’s in it for you? Who has their hands in your pockets? WHY are you against reforming something that would obviously HELP Hawaii and her people? Why do you continue to vote against things that would help the people that vote you into offices you don’t deserve? And let’s not hear your garbage about American jobs, American ships, American this or that… If American companies can’t or won’t support us via the Sea/Shipping that is our life blood – we that live here deserve the right to choose… What are YOU getting to quash this attempt to relieve the outdated burden our government has imposed?


Once more I say to Hawaiians – MOST Democrats are NOT your friends, they are friends of the all mighty dollar and whomever supplies it! Waivers CAN be granted to bypass this outdated law, it’s been done in the past, we need legislators that will FIGHT for this type of Waiver.

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