Posted by: Frank | 03/25/2014

Our Water Supply in America



What does it take for our Legislators to wake up? When are Americans going to start making noise and If we TRUELY have a future problem with our fresh water supplies WHY aren’t they working on ways to FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM.

We have the technology and had the possibility of at least a partial solution for decades. Several States are working on it, why are they ALL doing something about it??
I’m not going into any rants on this one but I am going to post a few links, take a moment and check it out – if you agree, think about taking some action and kicking your legislators in the ass! It will be an uphill battle because conservationists will fight it tooth and nail even if they agree there is an real need. Some people are just plain stupid!

A description:

Limited success:

Help from our Military who have some major experience in this technology:

Think about it people, time to kick some ass and get things moving BEFORE IT’S TOO DAMN LATE!!

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