Posted by: Frank | 04/08/2014

You are STUPID!!


YES – that’s the way the Democrats/Liberals look at the people that support them! Think about the way they talk about their minions – they enjoy the very idea that those that vote for them are broke, poor, needy, out of work, have no or inadequate medical and may be homeless.

The LEFT works hard to use the weakness of the ‘down trodden’ and play upon it to keep those same people voting for them, asking for the handouts, the welfare, the pat on the head that says, “keep voting for us and you get more free stuff”! They pretend that it’s important to them to help people get jobs but what do they do about it?

They (liberals) continue to wallow in the misery they have created over the decades and make a continued effort to keep pushing people backwards. Their trivial attempts at ‘helping’ these people are at best a sick joke. They do their best to use TAXPAYER monies to ‘help’ but when it comes time to lay out their own bucks it doesn’t happen. They steal taxpayer money or have ‘fundraisers’ to take donations from people that can likely ill afford it yet they do not contribute to! They, along with their failed President have given out children a debt that they will not live long enough to pay.

Take a moment, stop and think of how many times since Obama has been President have you seen vicious attacks against the GOP/Republicans/Conservatives by those of the LEFT and their supporters? Remember last election when the Left invented the “GOP war on women” that was never proven yet taken up as a BANNER against any and all GOP runners.

The LEFT uses any means available to promote their warped agenda. A prime example is the popular left wing blogs of Huffington Post. In the past few months they have made new ‘adjustments’ to their blogs, making it harder and harder for those of us ‘on the Right’ to dispute, make comments, show proof, provide links or do anything to show them we do NOT agree with their lies, misinformation, twisted ideas and just plain meanness. words or thoughts.

Huff is doing their best to protect Obama and his followers and is really going overboard to protect this poor excuse of a President..


remain silent

On a recent post talking of the latest effort of Obamas to go around Congress, Eight of my nine posts/comments were deleted and all they were – were honest assessments of him and what he is doing to America…

Let’s take the time to check the media out there today, it’s started already. With the mid term elections just months away they are attacking any and all conservatives using any piss poor excuse they can come up with.

black-non obama

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