Posted by: Frank | 04/13/2014

Why do we have a “Broken Government”?


Today I responded to a letter bashing my opinion, Bush, Corporations and a comment about the government and the fact they want “little people” to pay their share of taxes. My reply is below, just the name of the person I replied to was left out because I don’t want to hurt his feelings – and I changed the format to make it easier to read – lol…..

Sir, your letter In West Hawaii Today was one of the funniest, most worthless letters I’ve seen posted to WHT in recent years!

1. You DO realize that many of the people using ‘catchment’ systems are doing so because they want to be ‘off the grid’ and are VERY happy NOT paying the substantial cost of county water?!

2. I am also sure that YOU know that every person needs to pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes?! After all, that is something Dumbokruats & liberatards complain about almost daily, the fact that enough money isn’t being GIVEN to the POOR by those that can afford it! Paying TAXES helps that process along…

3. YOU and most other left wing nuts continue to attack corporations as if all they do is make tax free profits.. You don’t pay any attention to the FACT that they EMPLOY thousands of individuals, pay for medical, retirement plans, workers comp and an assortment of other fees levied on them by State and Federal governments. The DO pay taxes, ones that you and I as ‘little people’ don’t get to appreciate!

4. Your RANT about George Bush was just that – there has NEVER BEEN A IOTA OF PROOF that he lied ABOUT ANYTHING! Give us facts and quit acting like Obama! By the way, PLEASE do some research and quit quoting the Dumbokrauts regarding the ‘budget surplus’ Clinton passed on, what he did – as all presidents do to make themselves look good, was pass on DEBT to Bush so it LOOKED LIKE he was leaving a surplus – you know, kinda like people do at the end of a tax year!

5. I stand by my statement, History will prove my point that Obama being the WORST President IN AMERICAN HISTORY!

6. You are right about ONE thing – our government is broken – it’s voters like you that have allowed it to happen and keep happening – looking at Hawaii and 60 years of Democrat RULE with union bribed legislators, an economy depending on tourism, more poor and destitute each year, handouts instead of JOB CREATION and some of the highest TAXES in our nation. My thanks to you for helping BREAK our LOCAL and federal government!

7. I’m sure you are a Hillary fan and will vote for that crook if she runs!


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