Posted by: Frank | 06/18/2014

“Redskins” – The New “N” word?!

Before I start my ‘rant’ think about this – Mid Terms are coming up, Hillary is on a ‘book tour’ that is supposed to ‘remake’ her image and is bombing and Obama is up to his stupid grin with scandals and WE are once more caught up in a ‘shoot out’ about the name of a football team AND magically we have captured one of the major players in Hillary’s Benghazi fiasco!


America, “The Home of the free (speech)”!

Well, it used to be that way, years ago when we weren’t all worried about being politically correct all the time. When we could call a “spade a spade” without some Dumb left wing nut calling us a RACIST!

We have all felt things changing for years but since the election of President Obama it has gone from BAD to WORSE! Now, IN AMERICA, we can’t dislike our President because he is an arrogant, clueless, unskilled ignorant, race baiting dimwit without someone calling us a RACIST!

Obama has FAILLED America and her PEOPLE! THAT’S the only reason we need to dislike the clown! The ignorant liberal/left don’t even understand he is NOT black – he’s a MULATTO – If you don’t believe me, do a search and GUESS whose photo shows up??

If you need any more reasons to show your disrespect for this “ORGANIZER” (that couldn’t organize his laundry without help) remember these:

NOW we are fighting with a few “Native Americans” and ‘do-gooders’  on the LEFT that aren’t happy with something that has been part of football for 80 years! HOW is the word “Redskin” racist? This is about one of the dumbest damn things that we’ve heard in recent years and the DUMB ASS Harry Reid stands before the cameras showing us just how damn dumb he is – AGAIN!

WHAT is going to happen next, more changes to our HISTORY books and remove names that make people uncomfortable even thought they ARE in fact a part of our countries 238 years?!

OH! Let’s rename the New York Giants so we don’t offend TALL people – we can call them “The New York BIGS” or something equally stupid!

We have so many years and terms that shaped our country that only a group of idiots would try so hard to ‘correct’ all the issues that brought us to the place we are today..

When are AMERICANS going to stand up and say BULL SHIT – time to say NO!


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