Posted by: Frank | 06/24/2014

The Military & Hawaii


For those of you that tend to forget – The presence of the Military in Hawaii has been a blessing for the local economy both here (BI) and Oahu. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been funneled into this state in support of the Military, millions that have gone towards the upgrades of the infrastructure and jobs. Seldom do we see or hear people complain about those things. Our own ‘Saddle Road” is a PRIME example of the benefits of having a military presence.

As for us on the BI, someone ‘JOKED’ about ‘bringing the war here’ – it was just that – a JOKE!  ANYONE with a tiny bit of common sense KNOWS that this would be the LAST target for an terrorist or others wanting to harm the USA, regardless of what was happening at the training facility.


Happily the largest percent of people on our islands are appreciative of the Military, they not only recognize the value of them being here, they appreciate their SERVICE as a whole and what that are doing FOR our country at the risk of their own lives!

Often, to often, those on the left CHOOSE to ignore what is obvious to the rest of us and just look for the bad. Likely that won’t change because of the limited understanding they have on what it takes to make America the great country she is.  Happily, those of us that do care about and appreciate what all branches of the Military have done for us will continue to stand and wave the flag as we say, “thank you for your service” again and again..


If those on Hawaii that read my rants want something to ‘fight’ for, think about this.. Hawaii has been under the control of Unions and their Democrat puppets for 60 years! We are a State of POOR, DEPENDENT people. If our STATE were to go bankrupt, our people would be in standing in welfare lines long enough to make one cringe! If ever there were a ‘class distinction’ Hawaii is the ARM PIT of it – through no fault of the people unless you consider their voting record. The PEOPLE have chosen to put themselves in this position by continuing to elect LEGISLATORS that are willing to BUY votes via ‘Benefits, Entitlements and just plain HANDOUTS!’

WE are a State of ‘DEPENDANTS’ that would not survive if we had to count on ourselves alone! Our major job providers are the tourist industry and State/County jobs, most often given to friends or friends of friends. We are a State of TAKERS!

How about advocating TERM LIMITS or work at getting rid of some of the crooked politicians in Hawaii – worthy causes both! Electing people/Obama puppets like Colleen Hanabusa, Brian Schatz & Mazie Hirono to key positions in our government is NOT the way to help our situation.

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