Posted by: Frank | 06/25/2014

Elections – Hawaii and America 2014


I start this post with the above image because I firmly believe this! And because I do, I try to make a difference when many around me tell me we CAN’T succeed in making changes. They MAY be right but I ask, HOW DO WE KNOW IF WE DON’T TRY?

Any time you see two Democrats sitting down to ‘debate’ or ‘discuss’ what they will do if they are elected for the office they desire, it is in fact, a waste of time! In this case, we have Two Democrat/Obama bobble-heads trying to become Senators, representing Hawaii in the United States Senate.

The funny part is the ‘shoe in’ might have a tough time of it, even though Colleen is more than a little miffed at Obama for endorsing Schatz, she would be right up there kissing up to him if she were elected! Her MAJOR ‘claim to fame'”



When in the State Legislature, Hanabusa introduced a bill to offer tax credits of up to $75 million for development at Ko Olina Resort, a move she declared necessary to spur development for the Leeward area but which others saw as a reward for a close associate and political backer, Ko Olina developer Jeff Stone. In 2002 Hanabusa emerged as the leading advocate for legislation authorizing $75 million in tax credits for Stone’s Ko Olina resort. When Governor Ben Cayetano vetoed the tax credit bill, Hanabusa took the unprecedented step of suing to overturn the veto.

Within months, Hanabusa’s then-fiancé John Souza received a preferential deal in purchasing one of Stone’s homes in Ko Olina. In February 2005, less than two years after Souza bought the home, he sold it for a $421,000 profit, according to real estate records. Souza and Hanabusa, who were engaged at the time and married in 2008, then bought a $1 million home in another Ko Olina subdivision developed by Centex Homes of Texas.

The Ko Olina tax-credit legislation, intended to promote development of a “world-class” aquarium at the resort, expired after plans for the aquarium were abandoned. Ko Olina Resort eventually returned the tax credit, but the Lingle Administration and Hanabusa disagreed on how to use the returned funds.

While in Congress, Hanabusa was called a “loan shark” by the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for abusing her position to pay herself excessive interest payments to settling her campaign debt. Hanabusa’s spokesperson stated these interest payments were merely repayment of a bank loan.

Hanabusa appeared on the O’Reilly Factor in January, 2013, where she was criticized for attacking O’Reilly even though she later admitted having never seen the very program that she attacked O’Reilly on. O’Reilly had previously commented on various social issues in state.

When Rep. Glenn Wakai introduced legislation to prevent the eating of dogs and cats, Hanabusa refused to hold hearings on it in the Senate Judiciary Committee, preventing it from passing.

She is NOTHING MORE than a career politician, the very same type that continue to SCREW Hawaii and her people! I continue to ask When will people of Hawaii wake up and realize that electing people to WORK FOR THEM – SHOULDN’T be just a popularity contest?!? AND it certainly be about getting money – TAXPAYER MONEY – for your State! It should be about passing laws to help us AND our Country grow and prosper!


Lets talk about Brian Schatz whose MAJOR ‘accomplishment’ is:

Support for Obama

Schatz, one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama for president, founded a group with other Hawaii Democrats in December 2006 to urge Obama to run. Schatz said, “For the last six years we’ve been governed by fear, fear of terrorists, fear of other countries, even fear of the other party…everyone is governing by fear and Barack Obama changes all of that. He wants to govern the United States by hope.” In 2008, Schatz worked as spokesman for Obama’s campaign in Hawaii.

Feel free to google him and find that he has the same ‘accomplishments’ as Hanabusa but less dubious behavior while in office! We do know from the Obama endorsement that he will be a MAJOR ‘butt kisser’ if elected to the Senate.

A reasonable person would take one look at our current president and ask themselves – “How did this criminal become our leader”? The answer is quite simple, you need but look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘did I vote for him’? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’ then YOU let him and the dimwits that pushed him upon us blow smoke up your collective butts and fell for his line of bull shit!

If you wonder why Hawaii is little better off that the Welfare State she is and has been given the dubious of honor of being the WORST state to make a living, once more look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘do I keep voting for Democrats’?

Democrats have pushed their agenda on Hawaii for 60 years and look at the mess we are in today! The largest part of our population are living off government assistance in one form or another – young women won’t go after the fathers of their children for child support because it’s easier to get TAXPAYER $$ to support them. “The People” elected a clueless Mazie Hirono to the senate not because she had ANY accomplishments to speak of but because of her friends & heritage – sounds like the same reason we now have an idiot President!! Sees like it’s time to wake up and do something for our State & our COUNTRY! Electing more useless Democrats that just want to keep us a WELFARE STATE is NOT the answer!!


  1. Since I posted this I have seen/read articles regarding the debate between Hanabusa and Schatz. Our LOCAL people seem to conclude that regardless who makes it past the primary that they will win the general election and become the next Senator regardless of weather they are the best choice. My THOUGHTS & the FACTS regarding the corruption that Hanabusa would take to the Senate remains the same. Though I don’t like either of them, the idea of having another “Lazie Mazie” in the Senate makes me SICK!


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