Posted by: Frank | 07/07/2014

Integrity, Common Sense, Vision


I am reposting this Blog because I have been watching some of our legislators in action for the past weeks and have come to the conclusion that people running for office today have no sense of value when it comes time to talk with their public.. Lies flow off their tongues like honey out of a jar. When I hear them talking about Social Security and  Medicare and how they will vote against cuts they are just displaying their ignorance. The system as it is SUCKS! Changing little things NOW,  like the earliest age you can retire makes sense with people working and living longer. The idea of people that are ‘rich’ receiving minimal Social Security or Medicare Benefits is smart. There are other things that should be taken into consideration to extend the life of both programs and make them secure for decades!

Integrity, Common Sense & Vision – Something Dems Seem to Lack:

“Targets CEO President and Chairman Gregg Steinhafel resigned from all his positions after extensive discussions with the board. The company stated that Steinhafel and board members have mutually decided that it was time for Target to continue under a new leadership.”

Too bad our Current President won’t take a REAL mans example of what it’s like to have integrity as a part of their makeup. Even when President Nixon got in trouble, he had the ‘stones’ to step up and resign & he only had ONE scandal under his belt. Of course we have another fine example of what a Democrat will do when we see Clinton and his way of handling a scandal.

LIES AND BLAME seem to be one of the major things that Democrats/Liberals are actually good at. Hawaii is as good at it as the rest of the country, prime example being Mazie Hirono with her lies and half truths when she ran against Linda Lingle.  Elections should NOT be a popularity contest, we should expect something from our legislators and I’m not meaning HANDOUTS!

NOW we have an upcoming election where we need someone with ‘grit’ that will have a mind of their own, not just play the bobble head for Obama. We have two Democrats trying for the Senate this time around, both rather useless, maybe not as much as Mazie but still useless. It’s time we used our heads and voting  power to elect a Republican to give balance when Obama finally is removed from office.

The Democrat choices are Colleen Hanabusa & Brian Schatz – neither a good choice in my humble opinion.


Interesting things about Colleen Hanabusa:

Her obvious lies should be of concern to voters, the fact in her OWN WORDS she tells us she enjoys ‘reading bills’ yet she helped pass a bill (ACA) that we KNOW was not read by any that voted to shove it down our throats. Then she Lies about protecting Social Security when we know Colleen Hanabusa voted for the Simpson-Bowles plan to cut Social Security! She also tells us she wants to keep Hawaii from becoming strong and independent, her claims of wanting us to NOT become like other States is idiotic, NOT every State has the corruption that virtually makes  it’s people totally dependent on the government for survival as we have in Hawaii!

The FACTS – Hawaii’s Democrats could have kept the ACA from becoming law! The incompetence AND arrogance  of our representatives in Congress were highly instrumental in causing all the pain people being forced to conform to the abomination called OBAMACARE!


When in the State Legislature, Hanabusa introduced a bill to offer tax credits of up to $75 million for development at Ko Olina Resort, a move she declared necessary to spur development for the Leeward area but which others saw as a reward for a close associate and political backer, Ko Olina developer Jeff Stone. In 2002 Hanabusa emerged as the leading advocate for legislation authorizing $75 million in tax credits for Stone’s Ko Olina resort. When Governor Ben Cayetano vetoed the tax credit bill, Hanabusa took the unprecedented step of suing to overturn the veto.

Within months, Hanabusa’s then-fiancé John Souza received a preferential deal in purchasing one of Stone’s homes in Ko Olina. In February 2005, less than two years after Souza bought the home, he sold it for a $421,000 profit, according to real estate records. Souza and Hanabusa, who were engaged at the time and married in 2008, then bought a $1 million home in another Ko Olina subdivision developed by Centex Homes of Texas.

The Ko Olina tax-credit legislation, intended to promote development of a “world-class” aquarium at the resort, expired after plans for the aquarium were abandoned. Ko Olina Resort eventually returned the tax credit, but the Lingle Administration and Hanabusa disagreed on how to use the returned funds.

While in Congress, Hanabusa was called a “loan shark” by the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for abusing her position to pay herself excessive interest payments to settling her campaign debt. Hanabusa’s spokesperson stated these interest payments were merely repayment of a bank loan.

Hanabusa appeared on the O’Reilly Factor in January, 2013, where she was criticized for attacking O’Reilly even though she later admitted having never seen the very program that she attacked O’Reilly on. O’Reilly had previously commented on various social issues in state.

When Rep. Glenn Wakai introduced legislation to prevent the eating of dogs and cats, Hanabusa refused to hold hearings on it in the Senate Judiciary Committee, preventing it from passing.

Great choice for a Senator – NOT!


A little info about Brian Schatz:

Schatz, one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama for president, founded a group with other Hawaii Democrats in December 2006 to urge Obama to run. Schatz said, “For the last six years we’ve been governed by fear, fear of terrorists, fear of other countries, even fear of the other party…everyone is governing by fear and Barack Obama changes all of that. He wants to govern the United States by hope.” In 2008, Schatz worked as spokesman for Obama’s campaign in Hawaii.

We know how this worked out, we now have the most unqualified, clueless, race baiting, blame inducing  worst President in the history of American politics.

Having another Senator that just wants to continue the ‘love fest’ with a scandal ridden lame duck President doesn’t work!

There isn’t a lot more to say about Schatz except that he seems to be a puppet, he follows Obama’s lead, easily demonstrated by Obama’s endorsement. If Schatz could stand on his own he would be needing Obama’s backing. Me thinks this gives us a accurate glimpse of what Schatz would do to get elected, kiss butt and count on the clueless left to vote him in.

A bit of additional information that I just found…

Brian Schatz was Democrat State Party Chair from May 2008 through Dec. 2009.

During the first half of 2009, Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee $91,250.00

During the second half of 2009, Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee $118,708.72

That is a total of $209,958.72 in 2009 Schatz raised for his personal campaign committee while the State Party Chairman and before formally declaring his Lt. Governor candidacy.
In the first half of 2010, Schatz raised an additional $160,181.26 for his personal campaign after resigning the State Party Chair.

It seems MONEY is one of his major interests when it comes to Politics. Typical for Democrats…


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