Posted by: Frank | 07/13/2014

“First Lady” or “Worst Lady”

OK, I admit it – I like Michelle Obama about as much as I would like another colonoscopy! Which is about the same amount I like Her Husband the Great ‘FAILURE-IN-CHIEF’!

If we discount Hillary, we can easily say that Michelle Obama is about the worst representation of what a “First Lady” should be – that we have had in Modern History!


If she isn’t flying around the world on the TAXPAYER Dime, she is moaning about something or making promises she will hopefully get slapped down on!

I am NOT the only person that thinks Mrs Obummer needs to be reigned in!

AND she has the same lack of integrity as Her lying husband:

OK – I admit that I do NOT respect this sorry excuse for a ‘First Lady’ but I think she has given us more than enough reason to warrant my distaste!

She is thorn in America’s BEHIND and will remain so, Just like her husband, for two more years! Then – WITH LUCK – we won’t have to hear from her again!!


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